Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Way of the Cobra Part 2

Part one of this workshop was to clear the emotional debri held within the emotional body. Some of this debri has been held by us for many lifetimes and held by us in other realities coexisting with this reality now. In the process of clearing the emotional debri I had some feedback to say that some participants had experienced headaches. These headaches were caused by the new level of light that you had taken in during the process of the last meditation. The brow and or the crown chakra would have had to shut down in order to allow you the adjustment time for the physical body to be able to make that adjustment of carrying more light. It is a little like turning off the main power board in your meter box so you don’t get electrocuted or when the trip meter shuts down so you down blow a fuse. After this new download of light it is possible that you may have experienced emotional states surfacing like a wave washing over you totally unexpected. Circumstances may have presented themselves to trigger these waves of emotion and it is important to recognised who or what caused the emotional tsunami. There would have been past life issues resurfacing for you to be able to release once and for all the baggage that you have been carrying for all the lifetimes since the original experience. I myself experienced the overwhelming emotion of grief and loss of loved ones from times past with an experience that made me feel like I was about to lose them all over again. This was not of course the case as I knew but the feelings were so intense and the pain in my heart so constant that my mind could not quite figure out what was going on. When however, I had the realisation of what it was all about and where it came from, I was able to accept the experience and allow it to go. Within a few moments to half an hour of realising I settled back to normal with only the hangover effect on physical body.
I was lucky that it coincided with a trip home to my family of this lifetime and the ocean energy to complete the healing process and the sea air of my home to prepare me for the clearing of the mental pathways for the next step in the mental bodies.
Here it is important to utilise the energies of the wind and the air to assist with our clearing of the mental pathways. Over the next week you must spend much time in nature allowing the cleansing of the next level.
Here we bring our focus back to the fifth dimension where we once again look at how well we have set the foundations of balancing our male and female aspects of ourselves, and how well we wish to accept those polar opposites as becoming one in union to prepare us for the energies of the infinite………the unlimited potentials that await us when we truly anchor that Divine Union within.
You may find you have not fully activated this whole process yet, but within the Divine intelligence of the LUXOR Light frequency you are able to gently filter the process through Divine timing and all will begin to awaken as you adjust to the new higher and clearer frequencies. As we have discussed previously it is always possible to be creating schisms within our field throughout all dimensions and where we bring our focus is where we manifest our desires. With this knowledge of how to cleanse and clear our pathways we bring our focus now to utilising the energies and power of nature to direct more psychic energy, and utilise more intuitive wisdom.
The ecstasy of our spirit awaits us but we can only truly have this with acceptance of ourselves when we are at one with our God and our Goddess , creator and creation. Balanced mind, body and Spirit is not a way of mind but a way of Being. We shall step into the next experience as that is the only way - through the experience, you cannot go over, you cannot go under, and you cannot go around………you must go through it!
Photo from my trip through the Yucatan Peninsular Mexico (see the Mayan ruins) with Claire last year. Go into the photo and let the sea heal the emotions and feel the wind in your hair and on your skin to clear the mind.

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