Friday, 11 May 2007

Warning Tsunami of Emotions

After the first evening of the Way of the Cobra I had a few calls to report headaches, of which is a sign of taking in more light than you are used to and the crown/brow chakras can shut down in order for you to be able to adjust to the new more powerful frequencies. It can take a day some times longer to get back to normal.
Personally I was hit by a tsunami of emotions as circumstances played out to heal the loss of Soul mates from many lifetimes. It took me a few days to realise what was going on as the grief and heart ache was so intense it puzzled me as to where it was coming from. Luckily a little reminder of what we actually did on Tuesday night with the healing through the 4th dimension and through the emotions on all levels, lifetimes, realities and all bodies to never have to experience those emotions ever again. So if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed, be assured it will pass and the recognition of who and what it is all about helps in the release. Nurture yourself in this process all who took part and all who have linked with the energy you will have been affected too. Take care and prepare for the next installment of The Way of the Cobra on Tuesday the 15th.
Bring in some turquoise - the colour to heal the emotions and ride it out. Wear it, breathe it, and visualise it. And allow yourself some time out.... visit the ocean.

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