Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Teneriffe Practitioner

Claudia Biersack

(LUXOR Light Teacher in Training)

Accredited LUXOR Light Practitioner working from Teneriffe in the Canary Islands.
Claudia was also in Egypt taking part in Global Healing workshops and taking part in the Distant Healing Workshop held in Luxor April 2007.

Claudia is mother of Nathan, conceived on the evening of LUXOR Light introduction in 2006, carried during the following months of LUXOR Light Parts 1,2,3 and Practitioner, and celebrated his first birthday with LUXOR Light in Luxor at the Valley of the Kings. Nathan's life lesson is 22, being born on 10.4.2006. He is the second LUXOR Light Being to be working the 22 life lesson. The first being Christina. Nathan also took part in all the LUXOR Light work in Egypt April 2007.
Where is Teneriffe?
the largest of the Canary Islands; in the Atlantic Ocean, and belonging to Spain.
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