Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The First of The Way of the Cobra

When we think of protecting ourselves, quite often it conjures up fear within individuals because they immediately feel they are under attack. But, we can only be under attack if we allow ourselves to be. It is a little like giving away our power...... in actual fact it is exactly like giving away our power. If we have strong boundaries there would be no need for us to have to "think" in terms of protection, it would be as natural as any breath that you take. But it is our nature to feel vulnerable at times and it is also our responsibility to take charge of these situations. Vulnerability to energies is something sensitives/healers need, but knowing how to shield this vulnerability while still being sensitive to the energies is sometimes a tricky talent to master.
If we are vulnerable to the degree that we are constantly allowing others to invade our boundaries, then we still have emotional issues that need healing. The emotional body is very fluent in the 4th Dimensional state of awareness. If we remember that the 4th dimension is the place that we deal with all our stuff and when we begin the process of merging with our I Am Presence or our Spiritual Self as we heal our past and our past lives, we can see that it must have achieved enough healing for us to be able to activate the kundalini process of awakening. If we try to push ourselves into a state of enlightenment when we have not achieved enough emotional body healing it can literally cause a lot of pain in the physical body, and we all know pain is a symptom to show us that we seriously have something to look at within ourselves. It is a gift of awakening. However, it would be far more beneficial if we were able to release that pain which is purely “red” energy misdirected away from the base chakra and bring ourselves into a state of “ease” in order to allow the energy to flow fluent and blissfully through our central column so when we meet with our I Am Presence we can have a joyful and ecstatic reunion, rather than a painful one.
Our external world is but a reflection of our internal world, and if we still have unresolved issues with loved ones, be they friends, family, or lovers we will hold those unresolved issues within our emotional body and ultimately it will surface into the physical body as a symptom shown as pain. Pain held in the heart can be experienced as broken heart or resurface somewhere else within the physical body in other painful conditions.
Over these 3 evenings we are hoping to achieve enough emotional body healing so we can always be able to access the blissful state of uniting with our I Am Presence at any given time and be able to achieve the state of Tantra in order to go through the process of rebirth and shed the old easily and gracefully and welcome the new younger more youthful powerful essence of the Christ energy that is held within each and every one of us, though dormant in most. We begin to youth first through the mind and then filtering back through the layers as it reaches the emotional body clear and innocent and then into the physical body where you appear to be younger and of course carry more vital energy.
No matter how advanced we are in our levels of consciousness, we must always come back to being sure our foundations are strong and healthy. The 4th Dimension is our foundation, and if we remember Einstein said “the 4th Dimension is like the time space continuum” where we can forever more move back and forward in time and create our lives over and over. We always have the ability to recreate our own existence.
If we allow our ego to take hold you will find you will recreate your existence back in the lower dimensions and in particular the 4th dimension where you then be constantly having to process your “stuff”. Listen to your words….. “ I am just processing”. How many times do you say this or something like this. If you appear to be always in process, then you have allowed yourself to get caught up in the lower states of consciousness which are dragging you back to the old ways. Look at why you allow yourself to get caught up in the drama, because that is all it is……. A drama…. A play that you yourself have orchestrated. Why do you like that same play over and over, there must be something that you are getting from that play. When you are ready to release whatever it is that you feeling you get from being a part of that particular drama, you will finally release it and not have to watch it all over again. Are you the sort of person who watches the same movies over and over again….. Why? And if you do, look at what type of movies you watch over and over. Are they dramas, or comedies? This will give you an answer to how you see your life. Do you see your life as a drama, or a comedy? Which way would you prefer to see your life?
The first part of “The Way of the Cobra” we are going to focus on bringing some balance and healing through the fourth dimension in order to prepare ourselves for the climb to ecstasy! Ecstasy of Life!
A strong and clear emotional body is all the protection we need, because as we interact with our daily life experiences our chakras are not clouded with misinterpretation of what we are experiencing and we will not see the mirroring that happens when we are clogged with emotional debri.

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