Thursday, 17 May 2007


Dreams dreams dreams.................. this is the result of clearing the mental bodies with the Way to the Cobra part 2. What busy nights they are. And during the day the mind is so busy, it has released so much there is room for more insight more ideas, but be sure to keep the mind busy with only positive thoughts of creating a positive future. Wish and it is yours. Yesterday I found an old bill in the bottom of a basket and I saw staring me in the face that my son's car was out of license and had been for 6 weeks! Oh NO! I ran around like a chook with it's head cut off ... I was so sure I had paid that before I went the Egypt. Then I took a deep breath and read the notice again and saw that all I needed to do was get it paid quick smart and all would be fine. And, it was. I don't know why I was digging around in that basket but I was directed to for some reason and all was well. If we keep our thoughts directed to always being looked after, that is exactly what will happen. But then I lost the car keys after paying the bill and I needed to be somewhere important. Again I acted in fuzzy ways looking and searching and ringing someone to come and pick me up, until I took the sensible option and asked in the office at the DPI and there they were. Of course, they had them. A little bit of head spaciness seems to be the case as well, as we clear the mind and so much else is coming in. It takes a while to get used to being clear. So, be careful not to fill it with negativity.

This is only day two after the workshop, it works quickly.

Eshta Mana


  1. Very interesting question quasar9. Without going into any scientific or psychological theories of others, my understanding is that it is simply the subconcscious mind replaying our experiences usually in a symbolic way. Gives us something more to think about as it is usually ourself trying to give ourself a message. Why we can't tell ourselves straight out I will never understand, but my mind anyway likes to give me some work to do... just testing to see if it wants to be clear or clutter it up with more crap to think about. But last night I woke twice in absolute histerical laughter... what about I can't remember, something to do with my son I think, but it's a good sign. I'm not going to take things so seriously... life's a laugh if you let it. I believe my work of clearing the mental bodies this week has given me room for more joy! Have great and joyous day :)

  2. Hi ChristinA, Thanks!

    PS - The quest for the fount of eternal youth goes on. Yet it seems that eating or overeating causes our decay as much, if much slower, than not eating at all


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