Friday, 25 May 2007

Do Weird

Well things have certainly been going at full speed in the last few weeks, and in particular since the completion phase of activating the way of the cobra. Taking ourselves into the Cosmic Mind has allowed manifesting and acting on Divine Purpose and insights so much easier and faster. Drawing on the information at the level of the superconscious as easy as clicking search button on the net. My life is certainly taking some amazing twists and turns. Those of you who have not yet completed the 3 part workshop have also been affected by the energies excellerating as we as a group access the akashic records of LUXOR Light. It is the purity and intention of being a part of all this that can tap us into the incredible power of such a modality. As we intend to be harmless and integrous in our process of ascending together, we are rewarded with such rapid growth and incredible insights about our pathways. Our healing on all levels is accellerated once again into new realms of thought and action. There is no longer the need to hang on to the old ways and some of our actions may seem a little strange, as I myself have chosen to share house with my ex husband, to benefit us both and ultimately the whole family. What a strange decision that may appear to be, but in the blink of an eye I made the decision and it feels absolutely perfect and such a natural thing to do. When we move into unity there should be no need for seperateness of any kind, and choosing to make out of the square decisions is going to become the norm, so if you feel like doing something that others may think a little odd just do it. Ultimately there is a higher purpose for you insights. "You really are a litte bit weird" said my Mother. And my daughter said "Mum don't do weird"..... someone has to do weird or the world would not be a strange place and ho hum how boring that would be.

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