Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Global Healing 22 Day

Wow what a day! We had nowhere for a venue to run the meditation for global healing until last night. It was becoming a serious concern for me, but ... as always things were just perfect. I remembered last night at the last minute about a contact I had in Luxor that run workshops very much like LUXOR Light that had contacted me last year. Fantastic a quick call last night and we had a whole venue organised. A beautiful apartment set up for the workshops with crystals and this amazing big crystal cylinder with sounding bowl on top to ground our work into the earth. The building is built on an energy vortex and is positioned between two temples on the West Bank in the village of Qrna.........my place! Yes we couldn't have found a more perfect place and it all happened at the last minute.
There were 6 of us taking part............. Ashraf the Master sensitive from El Qrna West Bank Luxor, Sue from the UK, Jo from Perth, me from you know where Claudia from Spain, Nathan our first LUXOR Light baby, conceived at a LUXOR Light intro evening last year and now to spend his first birthday with us in LUXOR tomorrow. He was born on the 10.4.2006=22!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing gets better than this!
The day was amazing with super intense energies for the healing of DNA in the Middle East, Awakening the Unconsicous, Unity Consciousness and Healing directed toward Israel.
Nathan has to be the flavour of the day/trip. He has taken part in all the meditations and has been swinging the pendulum like a professional.


Also at our magical venue, we had another wonderful day working through the distant healing techniques and working on each other. Ashraf was sick so he arrived in the afternoon and was a great example for us to work on. He very rarely eats and smokes way too much but he has found that the meditation and the healing makes him hungry. Great! we are on to something. He hadn't eaten the day before and was really weak and sick. After doing a assemblage point alignment and chakra balancing and the new star work on him to remove an entity and implant, he was like new. He explained it like he felt something the size of eggs being removed from his stomach and his lower back. And once he went home for a shower he said he felt like he had never been sick at all.

Ashrafs experiences during meditation are very moving as he is so close to the other side all the time. When he talks about his experiences it is hard not to be moved to tears as he talks from a space of Light. We are certainly blessed to be able to have him as our LUXOR Light main man.

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