Monday, 23 April 2007


On the way to the pyramids our car was bumped from the rear end and a light fell off. We decided to get out of the car at Mena and walk while we waited for Mohamed to come and get us. We realised the driver had an entity and he must have thought us a little weird as we chanted our entity clearings in the car as we drove along. There were many things that tried to stop us and challenge us along the way on this trip, but we achieved all and more of our original plans.

Nathan and Mohamed formed a special bond as did Nathan and Ashraf. Mohamed carried Nathan much of the time and was quite chuffed at all the attention he got from the Egyptians as he carried Nathan on his back.

The Sphinx or as they say in Egypt ... the "Sfinkiss"

When we went to take these shots the light was beaming down in one large channel of light through the pyramid but unfornately we couldn't capture it on camera. What we did however achieve as we meditated inside the great pyramid of Giza - Cheops, was change, as this post confirms with the time it went through is 5:05. Big changes supported by the God force. What an amazing journey!

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