Monday, 16 April 2007


Today Sunday, we headed off to the pyramids to meditate in the Kings Chamber and complete some of the healing we started on the Global Healing day with the clearing of Karma of the Pharoahs. We took pot luck at getting time alone to meditate and managed to jag enough time for the clearing to take place without having to pay any more than the entance fee. We were in there for probably an hour before someone came to ask us to leave.

There was a lot of encoding and Sound from the Angelic Realms and language from the stars from all of us as we all work with the language in some way. Even Nathan with his tc tc tcing. Nathan has taken part in everything and has then dropped off to sleep when his part is finised.

We meditated outside but on the other pyramids before leaving the grounds to visit Mohameds village again.

Tomorrow we head off for Luxor again for some more ascension work.

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