Friday, 20 April 2007

Back to Luxor

Today is 20/4/2007=33 a global day of finding purpose. Sue and I are in Luxor and will be meditating at sunset at Tutmosis II temple with Ahmed and Ashraf. It is also my Soul vibration day hence the importance of being with Ashraf.
I have many posts to catch up on but will need to do it when I get home.
This has been an amazing journey tapping into even higher vibrations and melding into the new. Luxor brings me to a new and higher level every time as I reconnect with the Ascension Temple held directly over Luxor. I have integrated a new energy while here and it appears to have brought me to a more grounded and strengthened place within myself. I feel that LUXOR Light is now finally grounded.
We connected with a really lovely girl named Sophia in Cairo who hoped to meet up with us in Luxor to do some work. She missed us as we went back to Cairo.... but then as Sue, Claudia and myself decided to come back she was just checking in at the same hotel and feeling sad that she had missed us. Well, no she didn't! She has been practising the Islamic Faith for the last 9 months in Yemem but is now at a crossroads. I did healing on her yesterday and we spent 5 hours together with the process.............she is a new and up and coming healer, a wonderful energy. Fantastic connections. She will connect with Sue back in Glastonbury.
While Ashraf was praying last night I seemed to connect with the energy and had a very moving exerience and realised that I need to come back and work with the women. It brought me to tears and so I send the seed out there to bring it all about. This place is my second home now I feel so comfortable here. My next intention is to learn the Arabic language.
We have forged some very strong bonds here and at least for Sue, Claudia and myself we will be returning on a regular basis. Baby Nathan........well want an amazing little one and he is a 22!
Must go see you all soon
Many Blessings of LUXOR Light to you

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