Monday, 16 April 2007


Yesterday, what a beautiful day. We set off for Alexandria by train with Mohamed, Sue, Claudia, Nathan, Jo and myself. The Alexandria library being our main focus for the day, and wow what an experience. We headed staight for the Antiquities and old books section. Fantastic! We went to every book in the museum to absorb what we could from them. For me the exerience was to receive encoding from man of them, in particular from some of the first bible texts and from the Quaran and from ancient texts on Astronomy, Medicine, philosophy, logic and some of the oldest books ever written. It was such an amazing experience and possible the highlight of my trip.
We then caught up with my good friend Ahmed who picked me up from the airport last time I was here, and it was so good to see him. We had a lot of laughs and headed home for Cairo by train to arrive quite late, around 11pm. Tracy, Shery, and Tom were just setting of for Dahab.

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