Thursday, 22 March 2007

What is Love?

Thursday 22 March Meditation will be an activation to cleanse clear and activate the Pure Divine Love that is LUXOR Light with messages from Lord Enoch and Lady Nada spoken in the Ancient of Languages

I am sure we all have an understanding of Love in many different ways. Two of those ways are human love, and Spiritual Love.
Spiritual love is unconditional love in its purest form.Some of us find it hard to access that pure Spiritual love because it is something we can only access when we have truly opened our heart. Love that is purely Spiritual is a love that is easily able to detach from people and or situations without conditions. You “let go” very easily and there is no feelings of hurt because where there is SPIRITUAL love there is no pain.
A truly open heart is the only way to Ascension.
LUXOR Light is about ascension. And as we have said before, although it is sacred geometry we are not concerned with the head but the heart.
The heart is the bridge between worlds. Bridging the physical world with the spiritual world. It is the only way to get to your Truth, access your future and your visions, and move totally into the Trust process.
You cannot totally Trust until you totally Love. You can not be totally True until you can totally Love. You can not totally “see” it until you totally “believe” it with all your heart. This is not something you can talk yourself into, it is a journey. And that journey is always unfolding through the healing of all chakras on the journey to the heart and then when you have acquired enough healing in the lower three chakras, you can process the experience of the heart and take the step forward into your Truth. That is always a challenge.
Reading this means you are up for the challenge, or maybe your have met the challenge, or maybe you have surpassed that challenge and are on your vision quest and have learned to totally Trust that all is as it should be and then you are able to totally welcome your journey and “know” that you are totally guided through your own guidance. That you no longer give your power over to someone else. That you “own” your power and you use it with reverence and respect. You are not concerned with the past or past lives, nor are you hung up on the future. You are happy to be in the NOW and you act according to the Divine Will and not your will.
I have a funny way of receiving messages. I have never been one to be able to remember all of any song. However, I get messages from Spirit through a couple of lines of a song. This has been the case for many years now. Just last week I was having healing before a challenging experience. The person giving me healing said she had these words for me.... "My mamma told me, if I was goody, that she would buy me a rubby dolly"............ I knew it was a message I could trust from Spirit. I knew what they were telling me to do. Anyway I risked everythng and spoke my Truth and now I have received the Gift they promised me. My channelling has expanded to the visions of who is sending them and also I have extended from the Star languages to the Ancient Language of the Masters who are sending the message. Tonights messages will be channelled in the Ancient Language of Lady Nada and Lord Enoch, who showed themselves to me through meditation.
This is posted on the 21.3.2007 a global 33 day..... awakening and recognising your Divine Purpose.
Learn Love First, Greatness will surely follow..............

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  1. Hi, Christina, Last night was really great, i`m still buzzing from the love energy. I hope you have a great time in Egypt and i will be there in spirit and thinking of you all the time, sohave a great trip and ill see you when you get back. Love Linda.


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