Sunday, 11 March 2007

UK Healings

Sue Smith is up and running in the UK with her first 3 healings all in one day! Everything went very very well and who would think it otherwise! She travelled south to Glastonbury I think or maybe London not sure forgot now to do the healings and said the following - "Not sure what was going on on Friday night, the night before I was about to set off, but I could not sleep at all, I was tossing and turning like crazy and asking spirit to allow me to have some sleep as I needed it for these healings and attempting to remind them that I am only human after all! I did not get any sleep and I did not feel that great for the whole day, I was really buzzing though! I was obviously being prepared for the healings. As soon as I sat down to centre myself before I started i was off activating without even asking for the symbol, it was mad! Everyone enjoyed of the girls said that she had a sign from the ascended masters on her way to the house, she saw the 333 in a few places and knew that they were telling her that they were involved in whatever was going to occur yesterday. It was beautiful...........Sending love your friend Sue.
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  1. Sue travelled up from Glastonbury to London to do the healing on my sister Siobhan, her best friend Carly and Siobhan's boyufriends mum Maggie. They all thoroughly enjoyed the healing and are very excited to learn Luxor Light themselves one day. All 3 of them then did a healing on Sue as thanks for all her effort.
    x x x x Kush x x x x


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