Tuesday, 6 March 2007

"I AM" Bottle No 40

What an amazing night, the 3rd March 2007, the first Galactic Transmission night with Christina.
50 participants and everyone received encoding from Sirian High Counsel and other messages from the Star Nations.

The evening was divided into 3 parts.

1. Galactic Individual Encolding for Awakening
2. Global Issues
3. Open to channel

It was the 3rd birthday of LUXOR Light and on the 3rd day of the 3rd month there was a very strong energy of awakening and activating of the Christ Consciousness. We knew this to be the case before the evening began simply by the energies held within the date. This coupled with the Total Lunar Eclipse it was already set to be a powerful evening. However, there eventuated a very interesting event to come to the fore later in the evening........

Tricia who is one of the co ordinator's of the Vivacious Living for Body Mind and Spirit venue also has a healing room just to the side of the workshop room. On Friday she received bottle no.40 from Aura Soma in the UK. Tricia was surprised that the bottle had arrived much earlier than usual and on Saturday 3rd March took it to her healing room and set it up with the other bottles in her collection. I'm not sure how many she has but looks to be around 100. All the bottles are set up in a special case with a light to show the crystaline energies held within and to make the most of displaying the amazing colours of the Aura Soma collection. Anyway as the evening went ahead with all the star encoding in the awakening part of the evening and so on we then went on to have supper for the LUXOR Light birthday celebrations and Tricia and Stefan discovered that bottle number 40 had exploded! It appears the spirit in that bottle went through expansion!

The qualities of the bottle No.40
Name of Bottle - "I Am"
Colour - Red/Gold
Shakes together as Coral
Main Theme - Self-realization or self-knowledge

Positive Personality Aspects: Carries deep wisdom within, and can express this. Is very close to awakening....meaning he/she is in the process of self discovery and has already come a long way. A person who, when planning, weighs the existing opportunities and then commits him / herself to the most probable. Is in harmony and is of helathy mind and body. Usually a very successful person who enjoys his/her work. Can present a good appearance to others. Hs ecological interestes, also. Is creative and constantly reviews his/her own thinking.

Spiritual Level: Encourages the use to get in contact with earth energies. Furthers the utilisation of of sexcual energies for spiritual work (example - through trantra). Allows the individual to perceive the wealth of the soul in him/herself and in others. Transforms meditation into action. Awakens the Christ energy.

Summary:Red/Gold The "I AM" bottle
Self realisation or self knowledge.Joy, aspiration. Very good for dynamic activity. Expansive activity. Energy to find inner knowledge. The Tibetan bottle

If you look at the previous post and research more about the energies at play around the full moonyou will see that the qualities of the "I AM" bottle is very much about what we were doing on the night... amazing confirmation I believe!


  1. Hi Christina

    I missed the meditation, due to some serious ascension symptoms (i blame the upcoming Egypt trip!!), but found myself urged to paint, so picked up the oils and brush and painted the earth either spinning so fast that the countries all make a blur, or its the planet rearranging itself!!

    Any insight into what that's all about???

    Love Danni xxxooo

  2. ummmm probably just what you said... we did some big stuff in a very different way. The Global issue forum was interesting. The countries spinning so fast they make a blurr says to me "One Nation" yeeeha! Whatever... you are magic babe.. talk soon :)


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