Saturday, 3 March 2007

Galactic Transmissions

LUXOR Light's 3rd Birthday
3rd March 2007
Total Lunar Eclipse

Galactic Transmissions
7pm Perth Time

Sirian High Counsel
communicating through Christina awakening to the Higher Frequencies being brought through the full lunar eclipse.
Integrating the Divine Femine and awakening the Cosmic Fire uniting the Twin Soul Aspects.
A powerful and accelerating time.
Galactic Transmissions
March 3 2007
Saturday 3rd March the 3rd birthday of LUXOR Light - 3.3.3 - 3rd day, 3rd month, 3rd birthday, Masters of the Sirian High Counsel and other Galactic Beings bring the first of a series of Galactic Transmissions to assist with the awakening so prevalent at the present time. 2007 a 9 vibration divisible by 3, 3 times brings with it an incredible opportunity to accept the messages sent to us via the Galactic languages of the Masters of the Light, an opportunity to integrate with the Trinity energy and accept the new codes of awakening to the DNA of the Christ and Mary Magdalene.
Through the transmissions of the Star system Sirius the original home of Jesus the Christ and the origin of the University of Ascension, this powerful evening will be set to awaken us to yet another level of consciousness. All that is needed is to sit in the presence of their energies as they transmit their frequencies through Christina’s voice.
Through the evolution of the LUXOR Light process we have come to the 3rd aspect of the trinity healing system…. Light, Colour and sound we can now access even higher states of awareness. The language and sound from these Galactic energies emit the vibration to unlock the hidden codes of wisdom held dormant in each of us.
They are here to assist us to remember who we are and why we are here.
This evening is open to everyone.
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