Sunday, 25 February 2007

Thursday 22nd February 2007 - Global 33 Day

From the activation process on the evening of 22nd February we have noticed within the group and with others have been experiencing nauseousness, headaches in the temples and third eye and sore or swollen glands.
This is showing the activation process of awakening to your willingness to step into and create your new life. The release of any emotional baggage still held within the sacral area and opening the chakras of the temples for clearing the mind grid to clear negative thought processes so the pathway is clear between the mental bodies and the spiritual/galactic bodies. The swollen glands are pre empting speech as many are opening to channel sound and the voice at a the level of the Soul.
Healing sessions with the Christ Grid fully activated and working with the energies of Sirius are having an almost immediate effect with distant healings become more powerful than before as the ego is totally removed from the process.
The next 2 weeks will bring even more changes at a very excellerated rate.


  1. Hi Christina, I just thought i`d send you my new blog, and i really felt the vibration on thursday night at the meditation and i`m still buzzing from the energy, i can`t wait until saturday for the next one, so keep smileing and i`ll see you there. Love linda.

  2. I'm looking forward to staying in touch Linda :)


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