Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Preparing for the Lunar Eclipse March 3

Emotions are running high at the moment. The energies of the Lunar Eclipse at play already so be aware that as your emotions rise you are not alone. Allow yourself to ride them out but feel them and look at them and what they are all about. Obviously there is still healing to be done or lessons to be learnt, but remember that as we are one it is not always just about us anymore. As we heal ourselves we also heal the world, so by being prepared to accept the emotional healing of humanity we must also expect to have to feel that emotion or we would not be aware that there is healing to be done.
The eclipses affect us on a global level and so the importance of gathering as a group for the purpose of receiving messages of a global nature and also of healing for a global purpose.
This lunar eclipse is in the health conscious Virgo and so is asking us to make an effort to seriously help Mother Nature. You may find that during this phase you begin to feel the need to work in an environmental way or towards a global nature.
Be aware that the energies of the lunar eclipse are of an extremely high frequency and so as you tap into the alignments you are likely to experience migraine like headaches as you are being wired up to the new more powerful frequencies awaiting to awaken you.
This shift is going to bring with it the awareness of “really” creating your own reality. This is a time of change and a very powerful change it will be. Prepare yourself because these frequencies will be in effect for about 6 months. This period may bring in many rewards but it may also be a time for many reality checks.
If you feel like the ground is being ripped out from under your feet then you are on track..ha!
It is all about new beginnings and if your birthday is a week either side of this event then buckle your seat belts because you are up for a huge life change………….aaaaah that’s

If you need some help... turquoise is the colour to heal the emotions........breathe it!

Galactic Transmissions Saturday 3rd March 7pm Perth time... contact me for details and prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime!! If you can't be there just tune in.

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