Monday, 16 September 2019

Light Codes - Letting Go of the Old

jesus on the cross

Week 77 - August 16 - 22 Energies 

Today's vision was shown to me as Jesus on the Cross.
I thought about this. What does it mean to be nailed to a cross? If we see the cross as our suffering or our burdens and we a "nailed to it", imagine feeling your burdens, challenges, pain and suffering, which we all can and we stay with that suffering until we can bear it no longer. This is the point of true healing. Who was nailed to the cross in my vision? Jesus was nailed to the Cross. After the crucifixion, Jesus became the Christ and I feel this is the message for us today. When we master our greatest challenges or sufferings and still remain filled with compassion for the situations or the people and for that have played a part in that, and for ourselves even (because we are usually our own worst enemy), we are able to set ourselves free and find our Christed Self. It's sort of a message about dying to the old self and trusting that you will be born again with a higher consciousness and become the Christ Self.
We are in the month of September. This is the 9th month, a month of endings and completions, a month of golden energy and higher wisdom. This fits perfectly. We are always dying off to the old and becoming new again. If we are consciously following this path, we know we are striving always toward or Christ Self, to receive it and to embody it.

Today is week 77.

7, is a sacred number and is a symbol of eternal life and perfection. It means we are on the right track and that we walk the righteous walk. Jesus walked the righteous walk on the stations of the cross before he was crucified, so we can see now why the vision today. There are no coincidences but I am always amazed at how the visions connect with everything else that is happening at the time. We have just had the Harvest moon and it was in the sign of Pisces. Jesus was the bringer of light for the age of Pisces. This moon leads us toward the Spring Equinox (southern hemisphere) and Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere). This moon always symbolises a time where everything is illuminated in order to gather the harvest. The Full Moon sheds its brilliant light, making everything easier to see and gather awareness from. Because the Moon is in a water sign, it helps us to feel as if we have “come home” and into a place of peace and tranquility. It had a nourishing and tender and sensitivity about it and enables us to become more finely attuned to our emotions. It was about us finding compassion. So if everything is illumined, that means we are able to see things we may have left hidden in the shadows previously. Our greatest fears (crosses) come to light and we either drown in them, or we see them in an "enlightening" moment that enables us to gather more strength than we have ever had before and step up into more of our True Self (Christ Self).
The sun is still in Virgo which asks us to find healing and balance and find practical solutions to bad habits that we may have been carrying for some time, and are now ready to release. It's an opportunity to let go as all Full Moons are, coupled with it being the 9th month, that makes it even more powerful for the letting go. The door is open, will you walk through?
With the transformational energy of the 77 powering this weeks energies and receiving the message of Jesus on the Cross, we can see that we are in a major transition from pain and suffering and into freedom. 7+7=14/5 and this is an energy of freedom with heart based thoughts that enable compassion in all areas of our lives and that in turn sets us free and into liberation.
I feel I could write forever on this message and can certainly see how it fits in with my life at the moment. I feel I have conquered the greatest challenge of my life through this period. I hope it makes sense to you and you can "make light" of it and become the Light you are to the world. Jesus was said to be the light of the world and anyone who could do the same, which I supposed means face our greatest suffering and fears and challenges, we shall never walk in darkness anymore, but have an enlightened life. That simply means being able to shine the light on our own darkness.
Often when I see Jesus on the Cross during healing sessions, I see it as an initiation phase.
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Monday, 9 September 2019

Alchemy of Union

Image may contain: man and woman holding hands

Strengthening the Bond between Masculine and Feminine

Today when I went into meditation, I saw the masculine and feminine holding hands as they walked. I'm shown this a lot lately and so I tried to look past it thinking it was not the message, but it would not go away. As I sank deeper into the vision and deeper into the meditation I was guided that union is more than a physical re-union. I was drawn to the interlaced fingers and the strong connection holding them together. i was reminded that on the physical we play out the human dramas and stories and yet there is something else happening on the spiritual levels. We are asked to step aside from human drama and place our awareness on the strength of the bond between our masculine counterpart on the spiritual realms. If we fight against it on the human levels, we stop the work that is happening on the other levels. Step aside from our own struggles whether that be with our own masculine side or our masculine counterpart. It's ok to step aside and find a place of peace where we can connect from the higher realms which is where the work is done anyway with the help of our spiritual guides and teachers on higher dimensions. We are reminded to let go of the human story, find our place of quietude and go deep within and connect with the divine masculine so our work can begin or continue in the direction it is meant to go. We do not need to be in physical union for this to happen, we need to be always aware of our own connection to both aspects of self within our own energy field and be in harmony with that. Now this work seems to continue to flow toward twin flame dynamics, but I want to remind you that it is beyond that, because each and everyone of us has a masculine and a feminine aspect in our chakras. Each and everyone of us must come into union with ourselves, that is the twin within. Some of us have an incarnate twin, some have twins helping from the higher realms, but what all of us are reminded about here is, that it is not about the stories, the dramas and the struggles that are sent to teach us to find that harmony with the opposite side of us within ourselves. We are walking the path to ascension and we must have the balance of the opposites for that to take place. Let go of preconceived ideas and walk in harmony with yourself, with all of you, the masculine and the feminine and see where it leads you. Keep your awareness on your ascension, not looking for something outside of yourself, because it is not outside of ourselves that the magic happens. No matter how hard the reflection is that stares back at you, it is always a wound within, or you could say it is a teacher within trying to get you to take notice at what within you still needs balancing and harmonising for full union with Oneness.

September Energies

We are in the month of September, the 9th month. It's time to let go of old outworn concepts. This is the golden month, the month where true wisdom can come forth if you let it. This is the month of the masculine in all his shades within you and reflecting back at you from the external physical incarnations be they partners, sons, friends, fathers, or your own connection and beliefs around "God". It's time to let go of the past and harness the the power of the sun within us and truly shine our inner wisdom so others can shine too. It's time to rebuild trust and gain greater understanding.... today we are offered these light codes and our session will help us to activate them and have the full experience....
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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Ametron - My Angel of the Presence

Way back in 2010 after a great process of initiation that saw me lose all my worldly possessions, my home and even having to relinquish care of my youngest son to his father.  I struggled with what had happened to me and what people would think of where I had found myself.  I had nowhere to go, no money, no home and no idea how I was going to climb back up into this material world.  I was numb, my heart had been broken.  I had been sacrificed; ripped torn and thrown to the hounds to be consumed by the nothingness.  

A power from deep within me, greater than any force I have ever come into contact with began to rise from within me and bellowed like thunder shattering the Heavens above me.  I could not stop it rising upward, I felt my tiny body would self destruct with the power of sound that poured through me.  I saw with my inner eye what I felt was my soul shattering all over the universe and I felt the sorrow of loosing my All.  Lifetime after lifetime I have worked to bring my soul back together only to watch it shatter into billions of tiny fragments.  How, can I undo such damage, how can I come back to the One?  The sounds flowed with a torrent not unlike a flash flood that felt as if the power of it would cover the earth herself.  The Great Flood of sound poured through me and I could not contain it.  My body trembled and I could hear with inner ears the Great Beings we call the Angels bellowing in unison with me.  What was happening to me?  And then it was over.  Stillness, nothingness, just raw, empty and stripped of all that ever was.

There was nothing, my slate was bare.  And then a new guidance birthing new light, new energy, new sounds that held a great healing power began to move through me and I was given a name and that name was Ametron.  

What was that name, who was that name?  I sought and I sought to know the meaning of that name, to find the owner of that name.  I could not find it anywhere but I discovered the meaning to be "Powerful Beyond Measure".     These sounds that birthed through me on that fateful day were "powerful beyond measure"; all encompassing. There must be a connection.  

My guidance told me it was my Soul but still I did not really know.  Then one day I was visiting my dear friend "Jabir", Holy Man from Luxor who has the gift of sight and wisdom.  I asked him "who is this name Ametron"?  He said through translation from Arabic to English "it is a Great Angel who is with you all the time".  

Still I have wondered, is it my Ascended Self? Is it the name of my soul and what does all this mean anyway? 15 September 2013, a day that resonates with my soul vibration, I found my answer.  Ametron is my Angel of the Presence, my Solar Angel and yes my ascended self or my future self.  

My birth name is ChristinA Jean Ritchie carrying the destiny of 104/5 and Ametron is my reborn self carrying the destiny of 32/5.  The vibration of 32/5 is the very energy of the New Earth one of Divine Truth and learning to hold the immaculate concept (pure thought on behalf of others) and this is my every moment of focus, how to help others to raise their consciousness to come to that place of the perfected Hu man and embrace the Christ Consciousness or the Soul to rise in ascension. Same lifetime, same destiny but different variants.

My purpose since 2004 was bringing through the purpose of the energy that birthed through me then that has become known as LUXOR Light.  The destiny vibration of LUXOR Light is 56/11. On the day that Ametron was given to me I was guided to a purpose that held the name Ametron Truth as what I was to do.  Ametron Truth destiny is 56/11; again same lifetime, same destiny and yet I did not decide any of these things they were given to me synchronisticly. 

For many years I saw a large A.  It would come to me in meditations, in mandalas, in dreams and visions and I never knew what it meant.  I adopted the large A on the end of my name ChristinA so people would know I was not Christine and many people had already began to call me "Christ in her"  or Christ inner".  I now see my Christed Self is in Ametron.  

I walk on my path now as ChristinA knowing who I Am fully embodying Ametron with my A.  And I thank Jabir, for giving me the Truth that I simply needed to understand.  

Understanding comes with faith, comes with purpose and comes with never, never quitting.  
"A Saint is a sinner who never gave up".

I give thanks to the following post for the confirmation

Monday, 26 August 2019

Ametron Truth Weekly Light Codes August 26 - September 1

Pure Unconditional Love of Source

This morning when I went into meditation to see what the energies were about this week, I was taken through a deep healing. I saw great shards of light pouring down and through me. It brought me to tears at every chakra as I felt the great light purifying my being. I sobbed deeply as I felt the Great Love of Source washing through me. I realised this is the last session for the month of August when the great unconditional love of God Self is asking us to truly put ourselves first and immerse ourself in Self-Love. We worked with the Love of Higher Self 2 weeks ago and this week we are reminded as we finish this series of Unconditional love Light Codes.

Saxaphone healing the deepest wounds of sorrow

I then saw someone playing the Saxaphone. The sound of the saxaphone helps us to heal the deep sorrows that we have kept buried for a long time. It can help us to heal heart wounds and connect with the feelings of love to feed the self with that love. In fact take the sounds of the saxaphone through every chakra, because each and every chakra is an aspect of our self and we must learn to love every aspect of self. As I came out of the healing I saw the masculine and the feminine walking forward hand in hand. Remember, we are healing the divine masculine and the divine feminine within ourselves first before we can fully ascend.

Loving the Mirror of Self

Week 74 if added together becomes an 11, so here we see the mirror of the self asking you to trust (7) in your heart (4). See the love of Self, feel the love of Self, have love for Self. This is about the Self, your Self, love for your Self.
Today is a 55 day, offering us new beginnings with changes that can now not be stopped. 55 is asking us to be fully immersed in our truth, allow it to absorb us, to shine from us and to be the light that leads us forward.
Welcome to the Light Codes of Unconditional Love. The theme of the month of August.
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Monday, 19 August 2019

Energetic Boundaries

Image may contain: castle, medieval city

Energies of the Week

Each week I am given the Light Codes for a particular theme that is strong for that period of time.  We work from Monday to Monday.  It all starts with a vision and a message in my morning and later in the evening I hold a group on Zoom and we are given the Light Codes or a message in the language of Light.  These Light Codes and Messages through the language of Light are very powerful healing and awakening messages that help to bring us into alignment with the Highest Order of things as we transition through the Shifts that are constantly upon us.

Energetic Boundaries

It took me a long time to receive today's message. I went into meditation for nearly an hour before the vision appeared and pulled me out of the meditation. I saw a medieval city with castles and walls around it. I understand this to be a message about protecting all that is within our energy field. The castle is symbolising our Higher Self. The city is symbolising our community and all that goes on in our lives. Medieval times were pretty much gruesome times where there was a lot of brutality and laws were not really enforced. But the city was always surrounded by a wall for protecting from outside invasion and interference from others. The vision took me by surprise as I was in deep meditation flitting in and out of awareness and all of a sudden the vision thrust me into awareness. This in itself is a message of being alert or aware of what is happening in your environment, so you are not taken by surprise. So, in general I feel the message is about protection and boundaries.

Self Love

Last week we received the Codes of Self Love / Higher Self. To look after the higher aspect of self, part of this is to do with having strong boundaries. In these times where the veil is thinning all the time and some people are waking up and others trying to wake up and others still not there yet, it is important to remember to we are open to invasion. As people are trying to step into their mastery and reclaim their full power, it can often be a confusing time. Past life stuff comes up to be healed and people clearing darkness from past lives may find they are unconsciously using powers from ancient and medieval times and this can invade your energy.
You will feel an invasion to your energy field as an angry energy that you don't know where the angry feeling comes from. It's not you, but someone in your energy that should not be there. I've experienced this type of invasion many times over the years since my awaking in 2004, so I am very familiar with it, but I still get taken off guard by it. One of the reasons it is so important to understand this, is because we are moving into a world of Truth and Integrity and we need to learn and understand the laws of the universe.

New World of the Fifth Dimension

In this new world that we call the 5th dimension, we are meant to be able to be fully open, not closed off like in the old days where we were told to close our chakras down for protection and so forth. No, that is the old world, the world where it was needed to have big walls around our cities to keep out the invaders. This new world, of truth, integrity and all things pure and of Light, we need a new form of protection and that is what the codes/messages are about today. It's about boundaries of self and for the self but not building walls. It's a way of being, of knowing, rather than a way of building walls around us. Reverence and respect is expected in this new world and that means on the energetic levels because most of our interactions are now happening very openly on an energetic level as people open to their own energy.
Listen to the messages of your dreams and the words that may come to you in your sleep or just pop into your mind. They will always be giving your direction and telling you what is going on in the world you are not aware of. This has been happening to me since the beginning of August and I have heard it is happening to others as well. It's a learning journey, but never fail to listen to what your energy and higher self is trying to tell you. Energy does not lie and true wisdom is held within the energy. Learning to understand it is the key.
Today, I am guided that we will receive through the Light Codes a healing and a teaching on how to develop strong natural energetic boundaries so we are not prone to invasion as the world tries to wake up out of the chaos. We have to move through the chaos and find harmony before we can find the fifth world of Truth and integrity. We need to understand the laws of the Universe through our Higher Selves and embody this in our physical world.
The reason the teachings and healing is so powerful through the light codes and language of light is because our ego is removed and we are not filtering it through our mind into a form of lesser knowing that then creates more chaos... welcome to the the Light Codes through Ametron, Bringer of Truth....

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Thursday, 8 August 2019

8.8. Lion's Gate

yellow, violet and red Lion Colour therapy
Image belongs to Rebecca Wang

8.8 Lion's Gateway

8.8 Lion's Gate. We are in Day 13 of the Lion's Gateway that opened on 26th July. Today is the peak of this cycle when a great influx of Light Codes are being sent to us via the Sirius Central Sun. In the system I work with today becomes a 37/10, these numbers 3 and 7 are the two most magical numbers of all and when combined enable us to access the great wisdom codes that connect to the sacred architecture of humanity. They weave magic on and of themselves via the universe and we only need to be in alignment with Source energies to receive their wisdom. Today they correspond with the 8.8 Lion's Gate, so we are given a wonderful opportunity to embrace these frequencies to an infinite degree.
Do not play with magic, you are the magic and to access that magic all you need is alignment and all that is "belonging to your Soul" will be yours. Today is another reminder to let go of the old ways, where magic, was something conjured in the mind and given a physical exertion.
Today, to truly lift your spirit to rise to ascension and into the 5th dimension and beyond, let go of control, let go of needing wanting and desiring and just be. This is a karmic month, this is a karmic day, this is a karmic gate for those who cling to the old ways. But for those who rise into the infinite realms and align with Source energy and trust that all is divine and let go of attachment and stay in true unconditional love, today is a Gateway to the Infinite potentiality of all that our Souls wish to open to us.
Today we say goodbye to what was and we align with what is and always will be. As the two worlds come together on this day, the third dimension and the fifth dimension, it may feel like two worlds are colliding. Remember, this is a merger and all that is not in alignment with Truth and Integrity, with Soul and with the Divine cannot enter. You may feel this as the energies try to merge. You may feel it as the Higher Frequencies try to dissolve the old ways so they no longer exist. Rise above, do not get dragged down. Know that you are worthy of all that these most sacred and divine alignments want for us. Don't go kicking and screaming, just feel, say goodbye, I love you, I am choosing a new light, a new world a new way. All that cannot be dissolved into the new light, must move away from you, let it go, it has another time. Let Go and Let God.... Happy Lion's Gate, we have arrived!
The colours supporting us today are yellow - brilliance itself, expansion and clarity. Violet - knowingness, trust, divinity, keeping the faith and "be". Red - the great initiator, allowing us to take action and move forward into the wonderful new beginnings that await us; Life force and drive... literally driving us Home....
Day 13 is the NOW moment, it's arrival into the God Force, no past, no future, only NOW. This is a pinnacle moment of time, a moment when true magic happens, but you don't have to do anything, you just be in alignment. Mind can be dangerous, desires can be dangerous. Align with Soul and stay true to the Greater Good. Be the Lion, be the master of stillness, of Soul, of Light, of Love. Just Be and all else will unfold according to the world you are living in. Infinite rewards or karma...... 

Monday, 5 August 2019

Day 10 Lion's Gateway

Midway Lion's Gate

Week 71 which become 8 when we are leading up to the Lion's Gate. The interesting thing is that this is the first Codes day for August, the 8th month. this is week 71 which becomes 8, so we have an 8.8 vibe going on. Not only that, but next week is the close of the Gate on the 12th, we are in for some mighty powerful stuff. Last week we were given teachings from Lord Enoch and if you haven't listened to your recording please do so, they are so important. It's been a whirlwind Gateway, so expect it to peak by Thursday and then we pass through and complete by next week on the 12th.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Image may contain: nightSo, today's vision was accompanied by a very high energy of excitement that comes with being in the pinnacle of Source energy, the energy of manifestation and becoming. I saw two hands holding a crystal lotus with flame in the centre. One flame, but two pairs of hands cupping the crystal lotus with the flame. Two pairs of hands belonging to divine masculine and divine feminine. It looked like or rather felt like a marriage, but not a human marriage, something beyond that. The flame is only one flame, so I feel it is about the soul. Each of our souls being one flame but that one flame separates into two. But ultimately it is one soul, one flame when fully merged. I don't think the masculine and feminine are particularly human although they look it, but they are more divine than that, so we are talking about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine watching and remembering the flame as one soul and the extensions are two.
As I wrote last week, this is a coming together. There are 3 Mondays encompassing the Lions Gateway to receive the codes, plus the 8.8 Gate codes... so a set of 4 codes and teachings coming through. 4 is the salt of the earth and is a number of "being". It connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world and symbolises the security of home and when we come into harmony we are "Home". This is just some of what number 4 symbolises. but I also wanted to mention that it is that the fourth line in the Lords Prayer is "Give us this day our daily bread"... this is symbolising abundance and always being provided for. It symbolised the equal armed cross which symbolises man. It also symbolises the fourth day of dawning when spiritual understanding releases us from the grave of materialism and bring awakening to the one light (just like the one flame).
We are in a very potent time and everything happening here now for all of us holds very potent learning.
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Happy Lions Gateway transitions!

Monday, 29 July 2019

Divine Time and Lion's Gateway

Divine Time and Lions Gate

Today's vision was shown to me as what looked like an hour glass but at the same time it looked like a sieve. I understood the sands were being sifted to allow only the purest and finest grains of sands through and this takes time. We are in week 70 which is very much about divine time and divine timing. It is a pure cycle of time, a time of faith, trust and knowing that all is divine when we are in the flow and aligned with that.
We have entered the Lion's gateway on July 26 and as we move toward the 8.8 Lion's gate we are reminded to purify and cleanse and come into alignment with our highest self, so we can allow the impure to stay behind and take with us only the purest of our selves into the new cycle. Preparation time is here to receive the light codes of ascension that we receive from the Star Sirius during this time between 26 July and 12 August every year. Of course 8.8 is the most potent time and I will be offering an extra evening for that on 8:8.
Lions Lions Gate is connected to ancient Egypt and is a gateway that aligns Earth and the Star Sirius. When Sirius rises in the sky, Orions Belt aligns with the Great Pyramid of Giza. At this time, Sirius becomes the brightest star we see in the sky.
While it might seem obvious that it is called Lion's Gate because we are in the astrological sign of Leo, what is not so obvious is that Sirius holds the energy of the Lion/cat-like beings and is the Great Central Sun and represents the individualised expression of the Divine. Sirius is also the Star of Isis the Great Mother, while Orion is the Father energy ( Osiris). In the Ascension teachings we understand that Sirius is the home of the University of Ascension and serves as the Head Quarter of God’s Light that is distributed through the entire Milky Way Galaxy - we are but a small part of that.
So, the Lions Gate offers us the most powerful Light Codes of Ascension bringing through frequencies that awaken DNA and activates the human energy field into a higher Consciousness.
We are given ungrades to our energy field that align us to the Greater Central Sun or Spiritual Sun known to us as Sirius. I read somewhere once, that if there was a place that we could call Heaven in our Skies, the Sirius is that place, so you can see how amazing this opportunity is.
The Lions Gateway is all about aligning Heaven on Earth, so we do indeed align and connect with the energies of Sirius and anchor them through our bodies so we can anchor them here on Earth.
Lions gateway creates a very powerful and potent opportunity to accelerated ascension.
Today we bring through the activatory codes. Light Codes need to be sound activated to bring them into full power and this is why so many of you awaken to greater gifts of bringing through light language and Sacred Sounds while listening to the Light Codes of Ametron.
Further to this is that LUXOR Light Ascension Program is also a Gateway to the Sirian energies. It enables you at all times of the year to have access to awakening to this alignment and helps you to heal the baggage that holds you down. It "harnesses" the energies so to speak. If you would like to purchase please visit for a super Lion's Gate opportunity.
Todays Activation Sound Codes we begin with the sifting of our sands, letting go of what is done and moving forward with the finer frequencies as we move forward in time toward the 8.8 Gateway.
The specific energy for today's Lions Gate energies are to do with qualities of Christ Consciousness to do with truth, changes, expansion, freedom, liberation, communication, trust, faith, flow, divinity, knowingness, beingness and timing.
Are you coming?
If you can't make it, the recording will be emailed to you.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Light Codes of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - A Coming Together

Full Circle, The Beginning and the End

Today is a 22 numerology day, a day of significance for the healing of the Masculine and the Feminine within, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and the Twin Flame collective.  A message for all of us.  Today was a total solar eclipse and still in the New Moon energies- new beginnings.  The solar eclipse is masculine energy.  This window of coming together will culminate on 17th July when we have a partial Luna eclipse on the Full Moon, signifying arrival and the lunar eclipse will bring together the feminine energy.  

The 22 suggests full circle, the beginning and the end, the never ceasing to grow and learn.  The Alpha and the Omega / the divine masculine and the divine feminine.  

The 22 is the Fool in the Tarot and symbolises taking a leap of faith, of casting aside all cares and woes and embracing the freedom that comes when you are truly ready to embark upon your mission and purpose.

22 is mastery and dares us to do all that we have only contemplated until now!  22 the all encompassing energy of attaining Oneness!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Do You Believe in Unicorns

I'm a Believer Yeah Yeah Yeah

Wow! I really have to fess up today!
Today I went into meditation as i always do to receive the message for the week and I had to stay in meditation for a long time because I was trying to get past something.... now I'll start with last night...
Last night I did a distant healing for someone. This healing too about 2 hours. All the way through the healing meditation I was shown Unicorns. Now the thing is and this is where I have to fess up. I have never really believed in Unicorns. When people have talked about Unicorns, I've been the one to have the attitude of ... oh come on... get real! Well last week I was talking to someone and I said to them I did not resonate with dragons and unicorns. So, last night the first vision I was given in the healing was of a dragon... a sweet magic dragon... and after this I saw a Unicorn and in every chakra I saw unicorns. Now 2 hours is s long time to see Unicorns, so I had to realise I was not imagining Unicorns... Unicorns were imagining me!... Wait that is all... today I had a new client and I started on her healing and lo and behold I saw a Unicorn! I ignored it and went on with the healing thinking I was imagining it after last night. But that is not all, I was ... I'm not telling her I saw a Unicorn... get real! Anyway, the Unicorns stayed all the way through the healing. So, I thought to myself, I really have to accept that Unicorns are real! They have come into my reality, therefore they are real. So, after I left my clients house I went shopping and bought myself some Unicorns to bring their magic into my life a little more.
Next, I came home and prepared my room for meditation, incense and candles and sat to meditate and I'm met by Unicorn. Ok, now I think I am imagining Unicorn this time, so I went deeper into clearing and more deeper into the meditation... I went so deep I kept nodding in and out. After an hour as I had been in so deep in the nothingness I jolted out of the meditation and there in my minds eye was... you guessed it... a Unicorn! I laughed to myself and said, accept it, you are seeing Unicorns because Unicorns want to be seen. Then I was shown a vision of a translucent golden illumined face and I knew it.... now wait, I came in here to write up the message because by now, I am a believer.....
Unicorns only show themselves when we are pure of heart and those that are pure of heart are filled with love. This week is Week 66... double love energy, 6+6=12/3 3 is yellow, the most illuminous colour of the spectrum. When we have mastered the love vibration which is what a 66 is, a master of love, we become Illumined or enlightened. When we are pure of heart, we believe in magic, when we believe in magic, it happens, are the illumined master of our own destiny. 66 is a master over the third eye chakra with the third eye chakra being the 6th chakra. If you have a fully opened third eye chakra you will see everything as illumined. Lately my third eye chakra has been very active. Last night my third eye chakra could not have been more open and active because it was alive for 2 hours or so.
When we have balanced masculine and feminine in every chakra we are ready to rise kundalini. When we rise kundalini our brow chakra becomes alive, we are awakened. 66 is a vibration of the awakened one or the awakened kundalini. You have awakened the magic within you!
We enter July the 7th month, the month of faith, trust and believing... Believe...
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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Pan the God of Polarity

Related image God Pan

Releasing the Pain and the Suffering of the old Cycle

I woke early hours of the morning with pains in my right leg. These pains are deep cellular pain. I've had them come and go for many years, probably even since I was a kid. I've learned to attribute them to ascension symptoms. They go deep into the bone and I feel they are like growing pains and today it was was just my right leg. My body begins to activate (convulse/shake) when this happens... well really just my right leg as the healing took place. I couldn't get back to sleep because the pain, which is the only way I can describe it is very loud and does not let me sleep.

Healing the Masculine Side

I tossed and turned as my leg shook out in true self-healing style that happens to me and then I decided to go deep into it. I felt that it was to do with the masculine and the deep healing that is happening on that level right now for all of us. The right side is the masculine side and it is also to do with moving forward in our physical life. I have made some decisions in recent days to change the way I work in Egypt and completely let go of some of my old work to move into the new. I know I have come full circle and a new cycle is forming but I must let go of all the old for it to succeed. This is a message for all of us as our masculine side is healing and we are readying for the direction our Soul wishes us to go in Union with our Divine Masculine.

I believe these pains are part of that. Letting go of old memories that are buried into the bone at a cellular memory level. The work I have been doing in Egypt is connected with many past lives and many past life Soul connections. Many connections and contracts on a spiritual level are complete for many of us and we are embarking upon a new journey. We must release in order to allow for the new to come in. In fact in the last three years I've been holding on and yet trying to change direction at the same time and maybe this will also resonate with you. We must see where we need to let go of the old for the new changes to take form.

Divine Masculine trying to Step forward

The Divine Masculine is stepping forward as was felt by the pain in my legs. In fact as I write this the pains are returning but in a more subtle manner. As the evening went on I could feel as if the pain was reaching over to my left foot. The more I went into the observation the more I could feel it trying to jump to the left. It was almost as if the masculine was reaching out to the feminine just as was seen in the vision I had earlier this week when I spoke about the 24:24 Twin Flame Union Code. Now, as I write this I feel an almost equivalent sensation through both legs. It is not so much a pain today as a deep humming and energetic icy cold feeling that reminds me of the crystaline structure that we are embodying, at least that is what my Higher Self is suggesting to me. As I type the cold turns to warm or more like deep heat feeling you get when you use a sports massage cream and I know that deep healing is taking place.

Pan God of Healing Pain

I relaxed deeper as I knew that as I allowed myself to go deep into the feeling, it was beginning to shift and so, I observed the dance between the right leg and foot to the left foot as the energy danced between the two. On so doing, a vision appeared between my eyes of a Goat-Like man in a deep mystical forest. I knew this to be Pan.

Pan's purpose was originally that of the shepherd.  He was a guardian between civilization and the wild.  We can see this could symbolise the shift taking place as the divine masculine makes decisions to move from ego to higher nature.  

Pan was said to visit the dreams of his followers, usually at his nap-time and was said to cure people of ailments during his nap, and to sometimes even bless them with good fortune.

Pan was known as the creator of the sacred dances which symbolised circumambulating the heavenly bodies.  Circumambulating the heavenly bodies is a practice of worshiping the natural forces and therefore the cyclical natural of divine timing. Pan was the first god to symbolise natural energy and his pipes of Pan symbolise the natural harmony of the spheres (chakras).  I feel we can see here that this is a message to say that the Masculine is letting us know that the natural course of healing is in place.  This can be within ourselves and our own masculine side of our nature or our divine counterpart/Twin Flame.  Pan was half beast and half man therefore showing us the ultimate polarity within ourselves and the coming together of the two and working in harmony with our polar opposite sides of our nature.  

Pan the sexual Beast

Pan held a sexual beast quality to him, which would symbolise the need to tame the sexual desire in order to raise the sacred fire of the kundalini through each of the chakras or heavenly bodies.  The natural force of the chakras or heavenly bodies/spheres is to raise the kundalini fire in order to raise consciousness and attain Union.  We need to do this in a balanced way, as symbolised as the balance of half man, half beast, first needing union of the lower nature with the nature of man.  When this is attained we step up to union between our human nature and the realised self and the balance between masculine and feminine in form.  From here we attain Union with all nature of existence knowing that we are One and living in accordance with that.  And then the ultimate union of the Soul's relationship with the Creator and full enlightenment or ascension.

The Karmic Cycle

The god Pan himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat. This shows us that Pan indeed helps us to heal our karma because Saturn reflects karma and action.  So we must realise that all karma must be healed on this journey and that in itself takes a course such as timing because many factors have to come into play for true release of karma.  
In my vision he was sitting surrounded by a very mystical forest.  I see this a symbolising the mystical qualities of the true nature of the masculine and the magic that we all have when we truly allow ourselves to be fully immersed in and supported by our true mystical nature.  We are all half ego and half spirit and our aim is to balance and harmonise those natures.  The pains in my legs seem to draw me more to the awareness of Pan and his goat legs and knowing the healing that is taking place for us at a cellular memory level of releasing more lower nature and transmuting and aligning it with the crsytaline structure of the spiritual bodies.  Bone does have a crystal structure and therefore the ability to store memory and transmit healing energies.  If we have old memories that need to be transmuted, we must do as we would with a crystal and that is to cleanse clear and purify before reprogramming that crystal for the purpose we wish it to do.  
We are ready for a new phase, and missions are ready to move forward, but we can't do that unless we first get rid of the old job/purpose that is complete.  It's time for an upgrade, so in short these pains we feel deep into the cellular structure of our bodies are upgrades.  It was the right side of the body, right leg and to me this symbolises action, it's the masculine side and it's time to work in harmony with the masculine side and come into union at whatever level you are ready for.  
Let go of the old outworn ideas and allow the new to be embodied....

Twin Flame Union

In regards to your Twin Flame, you must first come into Union with all parts of self before ultimate reunion can take place.  Is it even necessary once you have tamed the beast!  While desiring to coming together, the purpose is to attain harmony of masculine and feminine; that is the personal mission.  When this is fully healed, Union with the Divine will take precedence and the collective mission of ascension will be your driving force.     
Welcome to your new exciting path ahead!

Monday, 24 June 2019

24:24 The Twin Flame Union Code

Twin Flame Collective - Reunion Imminent

Every Monday I bring through a message for the week and that evening I bring through the Sacred Sound Light Codes and Light Language messages apparent for that message to help activate the energies being offered and received. This weeks vision is for the Twin Flame collective. I saw two babies, twins, but they were in separate bundles. I saw the Divine Feminine, she was dressed like Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene however you wish to perceive it. The babies were to the side not really physical but there. She was larger than life and she held her hands in front of her as if to protect and yet warm herself from a brilliant warm flame/light that was approaching her. I began to get very emotional as the flame got brighter and closer. The Flame is the Divine Masculine coming in and all of a sudden out of the flame reached out the divine masculine as Serapis in the likeness of King Neptune. My heart burst open as his hand was held out toward the Divine Feminine. If you remember I have been having visions of the coming together and this is a progression. The Divine Masculine's energy is lifting and he is reaching out to bring you into his flame. I am a Twin Flame Experiencer. I am not in full physical union with my twin but my journey is one that I share with the collective, to help people understand what it is about and I am being guided more and more through my own spiritual experiences rather than the physical experiences. Remember the physical experiences are the human drama and illusion. We have to heal through the drama, through the chaos before we can have true union. I have walked through the physical drama and chaos and now I am being given the spiritual journey for the Twin Flame Collective. It is all about ascension and I wish to share as I experience. My human experience is not necessary to share, that is unique to each individual, but there are common denominators that need to be understood at a higher level. Right now we are being given a message that the Divine Masculine is reaching out, but you don't have to do anything, except hold the stillness and keep clearing your own energy and allow the coming together in the spiritual. Let it be on the spiritual, our human earthly desires need to be set aside for the bigger picture so your missions can unfold.....join me tonight for the Sacred Light Codes through my Higher Self, Ametron... Today is session our 56th session with the Ametron Bringer of Truth Sacred Sound Codes 65/11 Today's numberology 51/6 - change and intentions toward the Lovers or 24/6 the Lovers and today's date becomes a 24, so we are in a 24.24 Gateway. 24.24 the Code to Union for Twin Flames, yes you heard it here first!

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