Thursday, 4 May 2017

Full Moon in May


This meditation brings you the energies of Gautama Buddha, Lord of the World and is a gift to you for your use during the Wesak Period - Full Moon in May.

WESAK celebrates the Buddha and brings a most powerful energy to help us to open to our bodhisattva nature and compassionate heart!

This is the full moon of the Buddha and the most powerful full moon of the year! It celebrates the Buddha’s birthday, his enlightenment and his passing from this world.

Many people from many differing cultures and spiritual practices gather together every year to receive the spiritual blessings and energies of WESAK that pour down on earth to accelerate our spiritual development. This is Universal in nature!

“WESAK links east and west, Buddha and Christ, Shamballa and Hierarchy, purpose and love.” – Alice Bailey

Full Moon in May

Believed to be the most powerful full moon of the year, Wesak meditation is conducted on the exact time of the full moon of Taurus in May every year..

The legend says that every year at the exact time of WESAK, Lord Buddha comes down and pours forth the spiritual blessings and energies of the Divine. Christ as the representative of humanity receives the blessings and distributes them to humankind.


Every year at the Full Moon in May we offer an idyllic opportunity to sail the Nile on a luxury Egyptian traditional yacht.  We bask under the moon on the banks of the Nile receiving the Light, Love and Compassion of the Buddha and the Christ.   Join us next WESAK in the full moon in May.

Please enjoy this simple meditation and use with no expectations, simply Be and allow the light that can be received through it to come to you.

Awaken the Compassionate Buddha in You 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Twin Flames Unite

Twin Flames coming together
Twin Flames Unite

Calling in the Twin Flame

I thought it time to talk twin flames again.  There is so much wanting, needing and desperate desire to be with the twin flame all over the world.  So, I thought I write from what pops through my consciousness right now.

I’m going to talk from my experience because ultimately no one knows anything except through their own experiences.

Way back when my awakening was nearing, I so wanted to meet my twin flame.  I put it out there, I was separated from my husband and so for me it felt like time for what I thought was the ultimate reunion with the twin flame.  I didn’t know how it all worked, I just thought, that’s all I wanted, not knowing I would need to pass through some gates first of all.

So, lo and behold I called forth, let’s call him Fred Blogs.  Oh man, what a strong connection it was with Fred, he had me the minute he drove in my driveway to drop my son off from school.  Wow!  This guy was so cute, I really liked what I saw and felt.  Love at first sight!  It really does happen.  My juices were flowing and I could not get Fred out of my mind.   

I thought I was going crazy, I had to run away.  I ran away for a weekend hoping I could shake this energetic connection.  I went 5 hours north.  By about 2 hours away, the energy started to slowly let go of its tug of war on my heart n soul.  I could breathe, just.  Being away took my mind off things a little which meant it was easier to handle.  But, by the time I was 2 hours back toward my home it hit me like a thunderbolt again and there was no escape.  All going away did was occupy my mind.  We were not coming together and my energy was sending me insane.  My mind, my heart, my solar plexus, totally in chaos.  Who was this guy, how on earth was I to come together with him, I didn’t even know him.  But as destiny would have it, he started to make reasons to see me and then one day Fred asked me to dinner and then after one night, I ran again and he also appeared to have lost interest or was scared too, whatever.  So, back to square one.  I was a mess, I had no understanding of what was happening to me.  I drove my colour therapy students crazy trying to explain to them what was happening in my energy field and why.  We used me as a case study to work on.  They would check my energy field out and my heart would be closed.  So, they open it and it would close and they would open it and it would close.  Open shut me, open shut me.  And this went on and on.  What to do, what to do?  My mind was everywhere, but my mind was not where it should be and that was on my kids. 

Then one day Fred rang me and asked me to come for a walk and so as 2 white feathers floated softly down to my feet he arrived and with my 2-year-old we went for a walk along the river and we continued on for almost 6 years.  On and off our relationship went, running and coming back, running and coming back.  Moving through all the past lives we had spent together. Clearly showing me what we had come together to resolve.

We were on, we were off and every time we were off, I was relieved and then something would happen and bang the connection would pull me in again.

I was sure Fred was my twin flame.  During meditation, I would have visions of two flames, male and female dancing in embrace in the heavens.  I was so sure that he must be my twin flame, simply must, I wanted it, like nothing else.  And then Fred betrayed me with another woman and I was sent hurtling into the dark night of the soul. 

As I climbed up out of the dark night I was given a gift, so great that my life changed forever.  I was given connection to the ultimate twin flame, (LUXOR Light, the Alpha and the Omega), but I did not recognize that then.  Slowly, as I healed I found myself back with Fred, tidying up residual karma.  Finishing our last chapter.

Twin Flame times Two

 In one of our off moments, between me and Fred, I was hit again by another soul; lets call him Joe Blogs.  I met Joe on a travel forum just before I was to travel to Egypt.  Now this was very confusing.  While the first man, Fred had came into my heart and stirred me on all levels,  especially with physical passion, but also emotional and sometimes the mental, this soul connected with me on the mental plane.  And once again, the crazy began.  I was going insane, I could not sleep, Joe would wake me up with his thoughts and he plagued my mind 24 hours a day.  I knew his thoughts, he knew my thoughts and so I assumed he must be my twin flame.  

This connection also drove me crazy, even more crazy than the last one because we did not meet in the physical, only once for a cup of tea.  This man lived on the other side of the world and my heart was so expanded it felt it could swallow the universe and my mind was so awake, I was wired, wired, wired.   This connection broke my heart after the first cup of tea.  I knew I would never see Joe again, but he did not leave my thoughts, he did not leave my soul for 9 years.  But, in this time, our karma came up, I did not know what it was, but it would soar like an anger through my body, not knowing why I could not get answers, I went around and around in circles.  Then one day I had a past life reading and I fully understood and I let go and I was free.  Joe and I never had a relationship but having relationship or not does not stop the soul striving to seek the completion it needs.

Twin Flame in Egypt

Now, again, during this time, I met another soul.  And this soul had called me in.  Let's call him Bill Blogs.  I met Bill at the same time as Joe, but I met Bill in person when I arrived in Egypt.  We met for one brief connection in a shop not far from the Valley of the Kings.  I recognized Bill and when we shook hands he recognized me.  The connection was instant.  One day later an energy passed between us at the same time that I was communicating with the Joe by email.  Bill's energy anchored my energy into Egypt, but I did not recognize why at the time.  I was still focused on Joe, who I still believed to be my twin soul.  

For some months I had so many powerful synchronistic and psychic events connected to Bill take place that would call me back to Egypt very quickly.  I thought the purpose was to call me back for another chance to meet Joe.

Ten months later I returned to Egypt after having met Joe, an Englishman for a cup of tea in a far distant land in the Middle East.  I arrived into Egypt, heartbroken, knowing that was the first and last time I would see him, but holding my heart open, when a connection began with the  Bill the Egyptian.  I did not recognize this connection for the depth it was for some months.  After my next trip to Egypt, I fell hook line and sinker in love with Bill and we connected and a love story like no other I have experienced before began to unravel.  This was sweet, I felt it was so pure.  I could feel Bill's every move, I knew his every thought and he knew mine.  Bill's energy would course through my body no matter where I was in the world.  Synchronistic events would take place and I always felt he was watching over me.  I thought Bill must definitely be my twin soul.  How could I think so many were my twin soul?  But at the same time as this connection grew deeper I was still trying to disconnect from Joe, the karma of that connection was still unravelling.  Bill knew about Joe because I was open and honest from the begining and he accepted that I was still dealing with something.  Bill and I married and I was happy.  This relationship with Bill appeared to be perfect for me.  I was so committed to my work, with little time to give to a relationship and he just fit in wherever and whenever I needed him.  Bill filled the missing pieces, missing spaces and for him there were few, because my life was already very full, but he seemed happy.  But 4 years into our relationship the karma between Bill and me began to unfold and my life was shattered into a zillion billion pieces.  I lost everything that holds us together in this human life and it was a long climb out of that dark night of the soul.

Broken Hearts and Twin Flames

In the next few years to follow I lost my Mother and then my Father and my heart could not be any more broken further surely.  Dare I say, it had broken for the last time.  We never know.

And then when my heart finally healed, I reconnected with another soul who had come to my rescue in a weird and unforeseen situation some years before when I was going through my internal revolution with Bill, and a memory started to awaken within us.  Let's call him Bob Blogs.  

I’m a Pisces with a Taurus moon and Bob is a Taurus with a Pisces moon.  Exact Opposite.  My life lesson is Bob's destiny and my destiny is Bob's life lesson.  Exact opposites again.  Two sides to the pod.  I am awake Bob is not. 

Why do Twin Flames come Together?

Twin Flames / Souls come together to wake each other up.  Maybe both souls need to wake up, or maybe just one soul needs to wake up.  Either way it is about waking up.  If you are already awake and have fully embodied your divine masculine and your divine feminine within yourself, if you have anchored your Divine on Earth, you don’t need a twin flame to do it for you. 

Twin flames come together to wake each other up, to shake rattle and roll and show the other the absolute darkness that remains laying deep within.  They come together to get you to recognize your own shadow, to embrace it, to love it and to finally come into Oneness forever and into ascension.  You can go Home then, you don’t have to stay, or you can, or you don’t have to come back, or you can.  You choose on arrival into Oneness what you wish to do.  Do you wish to live in service to humanity assisting others to wake up, so they don’t have to go through the chaos of a twin flame relationship?  You can, but let me tell you, if you have a twin flame relationship, or if you find your Self through other means, you still have to go through the chaos.  There is no escape.

In LUXOR Light we assist you to find your Self, to anchor the divine counterpart within yourself.  Does that rip you off from meeting your Beloved?  No, because no one knows why the Beloved has arrived and for what purpose the Beloveds have chosen to come together.  But, remove the romantic notions, remove the I have to do this or that because this is so powerful it must be my twin flame and I must be with my twin flame.  Remove that.  You do not have to be with your Twin Flame.  You have to be with your Self/God.  You have to wake up, no one can do that for you.  You have to do it, you have to find your Self, not another.  If you see yourself in another, then see your Self in you.  When you can do this you will no longer be attached to whether you are with your twin flame or not.  You will "realise" your Self and do the work you came to do.

Twin Flames Unite Us

Twin flames have a purpose to bring us into Unity Consciousness.  If you have no other means to bring you into Unity Consciousness, you need your Twin Flame.  If you have a vehicle to assist you, then it is not necessary.  If you do meet your twin flame and you are both awake or you both awaken in the process, then the purpose is to awaken humanity.  That does not mean that you go out with a banner to say you can awaken humanity.  It means because both aspects/sides of your soul are now awake, this in turn helps to Awaken Humanity.  Another powerful link in the collective consciousness is AWAKE!

I waited so long, 17 years with so much confusion to understand the true meaning of a twin flame or twin soul.  In every step of the way, our consciousness shows us the answer we are ready for, the one that feeds the degree we are at until one day, we don't need to be fed any more.  We just are.  And so it is.

My Twin Flame is not Awake, this is not what my ego had considered.  This was not the idealistic understanding of what my ego thought a twin flame was.  But I am Awake.  How he awakens is his journey.  We have found each other, we live in the same community, we recognise each other.  That is that and how it unfolds from there is not my little self's business...........

The Ultimate Reunion with the Twin Flame

I wanted the ultimate reunion with the twin flame.  I thought the ultimate relationship was the twin flame reunion.  Instead I discovered the ultimate reunion is the reunion with the Self, the reunion with God who is the Alpha and the Omega, who are the ultimate Twin Flame.

Healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual

Fred helped me conquer the physical because it was a very passionate affair and it fed my desire.
Bill helped me heal my emotional body and blasted my heart throughout the universe.
Joe helped me tame my thinking mind and led me to stillness.
Bob, well Bob is helping me be fully my Self by dredging out any remaining darkness so I can forever reside with Spirit.

To heal, we draw in the very thing we need to heal and we must master it.  Bless every encounter equally because they are all steps upon the ladder of consciousness and not one is above the other.  Do not race, do not even care because the only desire you should have is the ultimate reunion with Self and you cannot have that by pure desire alone.  Instead, enjoy the ride and share your journey with others.  Dedicate your healing to the healing of Humanity.  Amen!

So, I needed a relationship to help me master desire of the physical body and I needed a relationship to master my emotions/desire body and I needed a connection to help heal my crazy overthinking mind, but at the level of the spiritual, where we have mastered the physical and the desire body, mastered mind and realising Self, we don't need a relationship, we only need that which shows us that we are already whole and the ultimate reunion is already nestled in your heart with Self.  At the level of the Spiritual where we are realising Self, we only need a mirror, to see the last shadows and shine the light upon them.  All attachment must go, and eventually the mirror will become a bright light of true reflection of every sun of God incarnate today.

Be Love

Come and wake up or amplify your awakening with LUXOR Light Ascension.  Retreat with us in Egypt and gain greater understanding about your journey into finding your Self!

Sign Up Here if you would like to be on my Mailing List and receive emails regarding Higher Consciousness/Ascension and Spiritual Travel.  Don't worry I don't send that many.  I will be offering a new online meditation course in the months to come.  A short raise your Kundalini and understand your energy field, mail recipients will be first to receive the special offer.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Nile Meditation Retreat and Save $300!

ChristinA inside cave at geb el silsila
Nile Meditation Retreat with ChristinA Ritchie

7 Days 6 Nights on the Nile!

Normally $1598

Only $1298 when you accept the Early Bird Offer

Would you like to feel the Divine energy of a powerful awakening frequency flowing through you?

We share so much and it's on the Nile!

Come and experience the flow of the Divine

8 Nov - 14, 2017


Imagine whiling the day away on the Nile... yes the Nile, there is only one Nile and you can be just like the Ancients and visiting the sacred temples and other power sites along the way. 

If you ever wanted to give yourself something really super special, something magical, something that you will never forget, this has to be just what you are looking for.

Egypt is a magic place and it enables us to tap into that magic within ourselves. We remember the magic within, we feel the magic within and in some strange way, after we have been on one of these programs so many people continue to carry that magic within always and utilising it to create more magic in their lives.

Would you like to experience finding the magic within yourself?

On this program, we work the magic! Seriously! You will go deep into you tapping into that magic through meditation, healing and sacred sound... not too much, not too little, just enough to add some extra magic!

This particular trip coincides with the 14 day cycle with Ascended Master Serapis Bey and the Universities of Spirit. Throughout each year there are certain dates that the ascended masters are sharing their energies and teachings. Each cycle is a 14 day cycle. From the 9th November til 22 November 2017 this is one such cycle to be in the embrace and teachings of Ascended Master Serapis Bey. 

Connect with me and let's do it...

My travel site is... 

LUXOR Light activates Heavenly Travel for 2017

LUXOR Light enters a 25/7 year which brings forth harmonious and heavenly travel. This is an adventurous energy and activates the energy of the spiritual seeker, seeking to find the mysteries... you just need to come to Egypt to discover an abundance of mysteries and align with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’.

ChristinA lives in Luxor at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension and has been taking groups on these Nile programs every year since 2008.  

Save $300 Book NOW! Normally $1598 Early Bird $1298

offer available for Early Bird until 6 September 2017

Awakening the White Fire

LUXOR Light and White Ray of Purity
Base of the Spine Chakra White Ray of Purity

Awakening the Shakti, White Fire

The awakened base-of-the-spine chakra (base chakra) focuses the white ray (light of the Divine Mother and sacred fire), also called the Kundalini or Shakti energy.  When the powerful light of the Kundalini is raised up the spinal column, it awakens each chakra along the way and they are then able to fully radiate the same colour of the particular colour ray  it corresponds to. 

When your energy is emanating as a pure and strong energy, it reflects a balanced flow of energy, while a weak, dull or cloudy emanation suggests the flow of energy from that chakra is blocked or obstructed which changes the colour and the chakra can't spin.  If the chakra can't spin, you can't receive the pure divine flow of kundalini energy.

How Do you Raise the Kunalini?

The way you raise the light of the Kundalini is important, because we should never try to force it to awaken and we should be careful not to confuse sexual energy as kundalini energy. This can be dangerous because you run the risk of getting stuck in the lower chakras.  Purifying the chakras is the safest way to raise the kundalini.  You can use meditation, prayer, and mantras other such devotional methods.  The LUXOR Light System of Healing and Meditation is one such divinely inspired system that was shared with ChristinA through the process of her own awakening.

Once awakened and you begin to master the powerful light of the white ray of purity in your base chakra, your life starts to change and you quickly realise that you need a strong discipline and commitment to walk the sacred path of ascension.  A strong commitment toward your spiritual path then enables you to to hold on to this most powerful Shakti energy.  A great force of "right power" shines through you as you begin to live according to the greater harmony that reflects from your inner world  to your outer world.  This in turn touches others around as you now reflect that Light out to the world from the peaceful and harmonious inner world within.

Healing the Chaos Within

If you carry buried anger, and aggression, or have a lot of chaos in your life, or seem to always be playing out the "victim" when something goes wrong in your life, then these are signs that your base of the spine chakra needs healing and balance.   Start to take control, even in small areas of your life where you know you need to place some attention.  This is how the LUXOR Light System of Healing came about.  I had a strong discipline of healing and was teaching those disciplines to others.  My life seemed to have chaos in every corner and I felt the victim also, I must admit.  However, I had a knowing that I was walking a path to my own mastery and I placed diligent effort on understanding myself and seeking to enquire within so that what I experienced could be a teaching tool so I could assist others.  I chose to dedicate my own self-healing to the healing of others. Then I went through a massive awakening and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey took me under his wing and I was divinely guided to create the LUXOR Light System to Ascension, so that I could assist others to move forward in raising their kundalini and awaken the base of the spine chakra.    

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey is the Ascended Master of the Fourth Ray, also known as the Path to Sirius, or the Path to Harmony through Conflict.  He is the Master of White Ray of Purity teaching us the path of the ascension that leads us to the soul's final reunion with God.  It takes a great deal of Self-mastery to achieve and so how we use the powerful light held in the base of the spine chakra determines to the degree that we climb along the path ascension.

Through the Ascension Temple located in the Etheric realms over Luxor Temple in Egypt,  Ascended Master Serapis Bey, teaches us the art of self-discipline. Your tests are unique to you so you can balance the karma that has been assigned to you for this lifetime.   This is how you free your soul from the bindings of the lower nature so you can raise your consciousness and embody greater Light frequencies.  Archangel Gabriel also assists Ascended Master Serapis Bey to help you better master the white ray qualities of purity, order, joy and discipline.

The New Physical Ascension Retreat

In accordance with Divine Will and the Divine Plan, there is now a "physical" Ascension Retreat in Luxor.  Here at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension, ChristinA, overshadowed by Ascended Master Serapis Bey, offers ascension retreats to groups or individuals, so that they may awaken the Shakti of the White Ray of Purity at the base of the Spine Chakra and learn how to use this System of Awakening Shakti for their own path of mastery and to assist others in theirs.

Ray Path - Four
Color - White
Petals: 4
God Quality - Purity
Chohan - Serapis Bey
Archangel - Gabriel
Gemstone and crystal - Diamond, Pearl, Zircon, Quartz crystal, White Alabaster
Musical Instrument - Drum, tabla
Etheric Retreat - Luxor, Egypt
Physical Retreat - West Bank, Luxor, Egypt
Gifts - Working of miracles
Day - Friday

Divine Gift of Mantra

Through the Gifts that ChristinA has received, one of them is receiving the Divine Mantras in accordance with the Purpose of calling Home those who are to work with the Base of the Spine Chakra, to walk the path of Ascension on Ray Path Four, the Path to Sirius, healing the chaos within Self first and entering into Harmony in order to assist others.   ChristinA shares these Sacred Mantras with her students of Ascension both at the Retreat and in her Online Programs.   Other Gifts of Awakening that have been witnessed to come in the course of the LUXOR Light System of Ascension are 

The Gift of Awakening to the Languages of Light otherwise known as the Gift of speaking in tongues.
The Gift of Awakening to Powerful Healing Energies,
Seeing of Auras,
Sacred Sounds of the Divine that bring the body back to their pure and natural balanced harmonics.
The Gift of Vision
Union and aligning with the Twin Flame

The Fees to take part in the Ascension Programs enable the upkeep of the Ascension Retreat and for ChristinA to be able to continue to share this Sacred purpose with the world.  If you feel "called" to be a part of this mission, connect with us now at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension or register for the Online Program Here

Friday, 10 February 2017

Ma Ray ~ The Mother Ray

"Mother Mary" is the Mother Ray, bringing you the "Ma Ray" Magenta Ray.... enjoy the music and welcome the Mother Ray and simply "Let it Be"... there will be an answer! 

One of the techniques I have found helpful when my etheric field has been depleted has been to visualise myself being wrapped up like a mummy only the bandages are magenta. Wrap and wrap and wrap yourself so that you have a nice strong and secure bandaging all around your body at least an inch or so thick, but you must be sure the bandaging is magenta because magenta is the colour/frequency that rebuilds a weakened or damaged etheric field. The etheric field, or the Ka Body is that body that follows the contour of the physical body. It is also called the "health body". It acts like a forcefield and it is this body that houses the chakras and allows the light to be fed into our energy centres so we can maintain a healthy physical body. 

For the Ascension process we also need a strong and healthy etheric field / Ka Body so that we are able to receive the full force of the greater influxes of Light that are bestowed upon us as we raise our frequencies that enable us to awaken to the greater consciousness. Therefore daily practices of strengthening our etheric field are not only useful but vital if we wish to be able to carry greater levels of Light.

So wrap yourself into a magenta mummy and then to complete and secure that process imagine you are being passed through a tunnel of Magenta Light and allow that light to be infused throughout your body. The Magenta Light is a very high frequency being the invisible meeting point on the light spectrum between the violet and red rays. It anchors us between Heaven (violet) and Earth (Red), in other words it brings together the Father and Mother Rays anchoring what we more commonly call Heaven on Earth.

Because Magenta is such a high frequency it holds the ability to heal all manner of physical dis ease at a rapid rate. Try a daily dose of magenta and allow the healing on all levels to take place.

You can also find a gentle boost of magenta on the link below....

Etheric Rebuilder

Christ Frequency ~ Magenta

Home of LUXOR Light

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Healing Clinic in Luxor

On a Mission of Healing

In the past I have gone into peoples home in New Gurna on the West Bank of Luxor, to give healing to the local villagers.  I adjusted my way of working to meet with the comfort of the individual, so they didn't feel anxious at all.  Many of those who received healing were suffering from physical pain due to the hard life they have.  My clients were a mix of men and women and some children simply because they wanted to be part of it all.  All clients expressed a desire for me to return because they felt immediate physical relief.  One woman had not been able to walk without limping in pain and after the healing she was so excited that she could climb the stairs without struggling and without pain that she kept saying to her son in Arabic in an excited voice  "when is she coming back, when is she coming back!"

Sacred Sound Healing

The sounds you can hear are unlocking sounds that come through me when someone has strong blockages that can create discomfort on physical and emotional levels.  My healing gift is a remembrance from ancient times, most likely ancient Egyptian times, because I have a very strong connection to this area of the world.  I'm able to transfer my gift to others to open to healing in the same way and that is where I place my focus.  I am able to assist others to raise their consciousness to the degree that their healing abilities open to the ancient Sounds of Light and Languages of Light.  My gift is a gift to the world and through my work with those who can afford to pay me for my services, I am able to help others who can't.  It becomes a transference on many levels and where everyone benefits, and ultimately Humanity benefits.

The Gift of Giving

Egyptians have a wonderful gift of hospitality.  My aim is to give, but they always asked me to stay for something to eat and a drink.  I really enjoy all of that, but it meant I could not see many people.  So, now, with the Healing Clinic opening soon at our LUXOR Light Meditation Centre and Healing Temple I will be able to have one or two days allocated specifically for the healing clinic for the locals.

If you would like to follow the journey please do connect with me and if you would like to know how you can also become a part of this, you can begin taking part in the courses I offer so you can also carry this healing flame for the benefit of humanity and maybe you too can come and volunteer in the clinic to assist the Egyptian people.

Keeping it real is the aim.  No fuss, no fancy pants ego nonsense, just pain and pure healing opportunities for those who need it.  I am very lucky to have the support of many Egyptian locals and especially by local Sufi Healer, Sheik Jabir el Cott, an old blind Holy Man that so many of the locals go to for healing and guidance.  I Am Infinitely Blessed...

Infinite Blessings to you

Special Healing Requests

Healing Requests

Special Healing Requests

We have had a special request and I would like to honour that request. Many people around the world are sick right now and need healing and loving thoughts. One of the focuses of LUXOR Light, is to hold the immaculate concept for healing. This means holding pure thought on behalf of another or others. We have a very powerful process for distant healing and this has been my main focus for many years now. It matters not wherever I am or the individual is that needs healing. What matters is that the intention is held for long enough that the power behind the healing thoughts and energy being sent is received by the individual in need, so they may receive the healing light that enables them to make a shift and ultimately some form of healing can occur. That healing may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The outcome is for the individuals highest good.

For many years I have traveled to special and sacred places and used these opportunities to send healing to anyone who chose to be open to receiving. It is a great heart connection between us and healing can occur.

Healing Temple and Meditation Centre

On March 3, I begin a new journey and the work of LUXOR Light takes a new phase as we open our Healing Temple and Meditation Centre in Luxor. We will have 8 days of focused healing intention and I would like to extend the offer for anyone who is in need of healing on any level, or who knows someone who is in need of healing, to place their names in the comment box and I will transfer all names to a special healing book that will be included in all the celebrations, all the meditations and all the healing moments that we will be initiating. I will keep the book with me, including on the Heavenly Harmonious Nile Retreat from March 11 - 17. Names can always continue to be placed on this list and it will come to my attention and I will place my focused attention to each and every name. That will be a 2 week journey of healing. During this time it is good for the individuals receiving to be aware that they are indeed in a process of receiving healing. The healing is then amplified and the outcome more powerful. If the individual can keep pure thought on behalf of themselves at the same time, rest when rest is needed, sleep when sleep is needed and answer the call to receive the highest Divine Light that is intended to be sent, we never know, miracles just may happen.

I send infinite Love and Healing Blessings to all who chose to take this journey of healing with us.
~ ChristinA 

LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Retreat Centre in Luxor, Egypt. ~ Please place your names in the comment box Here and feel free to share the post so the healing can be spread far and wide.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

February Energies

Image result for yellow illumines the world
February energies of Yellow to Illuminate you!

February Energy Blessings

Wow, what blessings are being bestowed upon us in the month of February!

The vibrations are really something else under this influence.  Numerologicaly it resonates to the World Card in Tarot and the 21/3 energies.  So, we have the influences of the 1, 2 and 3 although naturally not in that order.  We are reminded to create from our seeds and intentions that we planted in January and the New Moon that we are just moving out of and then we shall reap the joy and wonderment of our creations!

February's Gifts

February shares the bounty that comes with the tine or the trinity energy.  Life becomes effortless if you are in tune with what is on offer energetically and you can tap into your inner gifts and embrace the advantage of opportunities offered.  Don't ignore them!

February holds the energy of the path of least resistance, but that should not mean that you go all lack lustre and ignore opportunity!

This is a most luminous months and lustrous month because yellow is the most luminous colour of our spectrum and the 3 energy is yellow!

So Let the Light Shine On In!

Yellow Brightens our World

The Energies of February give us a most magnanimous gift, so take notice of what the blessings are that are here for you!

This month holds so much light, just like the vibration of yellow, vibrating to the numerical vibration of 3 it offers you spiritual upliftment and resonates with God Realisation and Christ Consciousness.

Make the most of this month!

Yellow Affirmation for February

I do not let that which shines for me to go unnoticed!  I see the brightness of every opportunity and I immerse myself in the Luminous Light of the Universal energies.

I too do shine!

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Die to the Old Self

Image result for tomb entrance egypt
Tomb Entrance

Dying to the Old Self

I realise now, that earlier last year in February on my arrival into Luxor, that I was indeed Birthing a New Reality again. Signing off on an old life and awakening to a new one. Now I can see what I was awakening to and how relevant that it should be near the Valley of the Kings, the Gateway to the Underworld that we must all pass through to enter the world of Osiris.... 

I wrote a blog, not knowing what was coming 9 months later... life is always a mystery unfolding.  

We have to die to the old Self before we can be reborn into the new.  Each time my life has needed to turn a corner in my spiritual life, I have been through a death process.  This happens to all of us and when we understand the process of ascension or our spiritual evolution we can follow the major steps along our path.  The very same steps that everyone must undertake at some time in their spiritual life.

Dark Night of the Soul

In my previous "deaths" in this life, I have passed through a "Dark Night of the Soul".  This time, I didn't have to go through the depression and the pain of the emotional body, nor the mental turmoil of the mind.  This time, I passed through in a deep samadhi state.  But, just like my other passing through the dark nights, I did not know what was to come.  Each time I have passed through a dark night of the Soul and come out the other end, I have been gifted with something.  

Gifts of Awakening

My first Dark Night, I awakened to the Divine Energy of the Lineage we are calling LUXOR Light for want of a name to associate with it, not knowing the direct master who has passed it down.  I awakened to my own Divinity, a gift of past incarnational growth.  

The second Dark Night of the Soul, I was gifted with awakening to the language of Light including Keys and Codes of the Enochian Wisdoms (Thoth, Hermes, Enoch).  

The third Dark Night of the Soul I was gifted with the Sacred Sounds of Creation that we now call Ametron Truth Sacred Sound Healing.  

And now, through this fourth death process (or completion of a death process) where I passed through the dark halls of the Valley of darkness and out into the World of Osiris, I am gifted with a very human gift, a new mission, where my True Self can be an instrument of the Divine sharing my gifts for the betterment of others spiritual growth.  I have been gifted with the place, the temple, the location for LUXOR Light to open to the world.  Previously, I had to wander, and could only reach a few, but now, we have the place where the energy of LUXOR Light, this divine frequency can build and open a new portal so that others can come and be immersed in this sacred flame.  We reignite the fire within through the process we call the LUXOR Light Ascension Program.  Where people can come, be immersed or spend time becoming torch bearers and flame carriers of this Sacred Flame.

We are all part of a Greater Plan

When we die to the self we realise that we have incarnated for a reason and that we are part of a Greater Plan.  When we die to our self, we cease to exist as we were and therefore we are no longer the reason for existing.  It is no longer about the individual, no longer are we the centre of our own universe and it is no longer about arranging the world to fit the personality.  If you are reading this, I`m sure you are aware of this, but, knowing this and reaching the divine point of turning are two different things.  We walk this path with the knowing that we all have a greater plan and a specific purpose, but patience must prevail and perseverance must persist.  There should be no desire for anything other than to fulfill the greater purpose of the Greater Self that chose to come here to this incarnation to fulfil our divine missions.

I wrote a blog called "Through the Halls of Darkness" in February 2016 after my deep Samadhi state.  You can read it here.  I had no idea what was about to unfold, but a year filled with incredible experiences from awakening to the connection with my Twin Flame, to being surprised how I would come to the conclusion that when I came to the meeting of my exact other half, it would propel me into a place of a deeper connection with my Higher Self, that it was no longer necessary to have or not have that connection as a relationship.  The ultimate reason for twin flames is to trigger greater growth within the individual and to dredge out any remaining darkness so that the flame of the individual, which is now in total unification with or as the One, no longer needs the other.  

My Twin Flame Mission is just beginning, but it has not come about by what the ego or personality ideal of a twin flame mission would be.  We came together and now I have released the need to be together; we are in each others lives, but not with expectation or attachment as to how that is to be.  Now with total unconditional love acceptance that nothing is ever as it seems, the mission propels forward in its new dynamic.  What follows we do no know, what matters is the Now, the Mission and the purpose of the death of the self and the rebirth of another New Reality.

Don't forget to read "Through the Halls of Darkness" and also come and Retreat with me at the LUXOR LIght Centre for Ascension.

Infintie Blessings to you!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

111 the Power of Intention 2017

Seeds of Creation

Seeds of Creation 

We have arrived into 2017!

This year is a powerful year for new beginnings and of planting seeds for the years to come.  When we add the numbers in the you 2017 it becomes a 1, no matter how you do it.  I see it as a 19/10 year.  In the Tarot it relates to the Wheel of Fortune card, so we are being offered an opportunity for new beginnings that relate to a change in our fortune.  This is a brand new chapter for humanity, one that offers us a turn to a new more opportunistic directions.  It gives us great inner strength and urges us toward a path of purity and awakens us to our divinity.

The Ancients called it the number of surrender asking us to offer up all our intentions to the divine and to align with the Universal Life.

The 1 offers us new beginnings, while the 9 asks us to finish off.  We have just left a 9 year where it was important that we should leave all that no longer serves us behind.  And now we enter a 1 year of new beginnings and of sowing the seeds of our future.  But, this is not necessarily an easy vibration to work under.  We see lots of births, rebirths, new beginnings and we see lots of endings too.  There can be a struggle between letting go in readiness to fully embrace the new beginnings that are being offered to us.  So, if you relate it to the Wheel Fortune, you can see that nothing comes without a concerted effort toward the most positive.  We must always close doors before we can fully step into the new.  Let go and let God.

The 10 vibration embraces the energy of the God-Force, the Universal Consciousness of the Creator.
Embrace this year with the knowing that what we did not let go of in 2016, we still have time, but don't waste to much time.  The longer you hold on the harder it is to let it go and not only that, but if you do not let go, you will take what no longer serves you into the new cycle with the possibility of it lasting another 9 years!  Now, please, think about that!

111 Day of Intention

Today the 1 January, 2017 becomes a 111 day.  The triple 1's mean we are in a very powerful vibration that triggers our thoughts and our mind.  1's are of the mind, therefore, this is a very powerful day to set intentions for the year ahead.  It is a seed planting day!  Plant your seeds wisely!

When we add the whole day up we have 1+1+2+0+17=21/3

21 in the Tarot relate to the World card.  Today you are offered the World!  All that you have ever desired is here in your hands today!  You can be sure that what you are thinking today, is most likely going to come to fruition.  This is a time to celebrate.  You have come full circle and now you can start anew.  Success is yours, embrace it!

2+1=3 When we look at the 2 we see we have the energy of creation coming forth through the power of thought or intention with the 1 and together we find the most luminous path of the divine culminating in the 3 energy.  Today we have the opportunity to conquer our fears and in so doing you will illuminate your mind and step joyfully into our missions.  Seeds lead to growth which equals creation and from creation sprouts the power of purpose!

Numerology Reading

I hope you enjoyed this little explanation of the energies today and if you would like a personalised numbers intuitive reading, please connect with me and I can help you to understand the year ahead for you personally.  


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Activating the Christ Consciousness Grid

888 Portal of Christ Consciousness

888 Christ Consciousness Grid

On the 8 August 2006, we entered the "Lion's Gate";  a portal of consciousness that offers us infinite potential through every thought, word and deed.

Just a little over a month before, I began receiving the constant message "wired for sound", "wired for sound". I wasn't sure why I was receiving the message, except that I was spending much of my time "off the planet".  Energetically, I was like an empty shell and being guided not to do any energetic work such as healings etc. My chakras were feeling extra "wired" and it felt like I was a completely new Being not quite able to handle the densities of this planet. My frequency was through the roof and yet I was being instructed not to do any healing work. Had I even tried I knew I would probably fry myself with the intensity of Light that was pouring through my Body. 

I was tired, so tired just trying to get through the mundanities of human life, but I also knew it had something to do with the fact that I was about to qualify 4 more LUXOR Light teachers.  It was a long and arduous preparation energetically, because most of the work being done to me was not on this planet.

As the new teachers were being prepared to step up and into their new roles, I too was being prepared for my new role.

Sound Keys and Codes of Ascension

The Enoch Sound Keys work had been creeping in for some 2 years, slowly, but more and more obvious that this was the direction I shall go.

The messages that were pouring through different channels at that time in relation to the 8.8.8 gateway, signified the energy of the Holy Spirit being at its most highest ever. 

The KEYS to ascension through the entity known to us as Lord Enoch channel through me in the language of Hibiru along with sounds from the Sirian Masters and messages through the energy of other Ascended Masters. So being "wired for sound" is something that has already happened to me, but what I was am being guided to pass on,  was that at that time of immense Light downpouring through the 888 gateway, we would receive brand new Keys that have never before been passed through to us in this time cycle. I was being wired for new sounds which had already presented during our LUXOR Light Teacher Retreat weekend.

Home of Christ Consciousness

Ancient Egypt always celebrated the flooding of the banks of the Nile around this same time frame each year as the Star Sirius sends forth its abundant rays of Christ Consciousness and infinite potential.

Sirius is the Home of Christ Consciousness and so the Lion's Gate opens wide every 88 (8 August) and the Light of Sirius floods our planet with the Magenta frequencies of Unconditional love and forgiveness.  LUXOR Light carries the frequencies of Sirius and so we find the energies are always massively activated at this time for a LUXOR Light flame carrier.

Awakening through the Sound Keys of Ascension

Within our cellular memories we hold all the sacredness of all the sacred sites on the planet. At the time frame around 8.8.2006 (888) we had greater access to that sacredness and those memories,  with the power of the Divine; the Purity of Lord Sananda, our Cosmic Christ, Lord Metatron, the Keys through Lord Enoch, the Sirian Masters and the triple magenta frequency. I was a time to awaken and be "wired for sound" through infinite love as we activated the Holy Spirit and Shekinah.   These new light codes and keys made it possible for more people to awaken to the sounds of Holy Spirit also called the Shekinah; the feminine attributes of the presence of God.  

This most powerful time, a time of awakening to the Highest aspect of Divinity within,  allowed us to move forward on our paths of Ascension.  It awakened in many the gifts long held dormant and the access to awakening the new gifts that await.

LUXOR Light is a gatekeeper, and awakens Gatekeepers and when the floodgates of Sirius are opened, the power of this frequency is amplified.

If you would like to receive your own personal Keys and Codes that are appropriate for you in any given time frame, please connect with me for a Skype session by donation.

The Original Sound File for 888 Christ Consciousness Grid, Lion's Gate Portal

Infinite Blessings