Monday, 11 June 2007

LUXOR Light Mass Healing


Today we are working very closely with the Alpha and the Omega as represented by the 22 energy. Through the LUXOR Light symbol we are working with Sacred Geometry and Sacred Mathematics but we are not concerned with the head but concerned with the Heart........
22 Alpha and Omega
The number 22 is a Master frequency for Liberation. It is said that there are 22 steps toward the God Force. It is Life force entering into manifestation. It symbolises having gone full circle beyond the present incarnation. It represents the Alpha and the Omega and that we never come to the limit of our potentials. It is a teaching vibration, teaching us to awaken to transforming our lives through consciousness. It blends spiritual consciousness with control of the physicality, including the body itself, and brings us in to a perfect state of being. Once this is achieved the individual is no longer bound by earthly considerations but merely uses them with reverence and respect.
And, so with this energy today we utilise the greatness of such a vibration for service toward others healing.
6 Social consciousness
And our responsibility to others, guides us to take this step toward assisting others with their healing so they may make the adjustments needed for their growth, to bring harmony into their lives. To awaken to our Truth and help bring about social balance.
*The number 6 is the number of balance, harmony, cooperation, marriage - (wedding of the feminine and the masculine) and beauty. A wedding represents love at its most blissful state in earthly consciousness. The 6 represents Universal Love, for out of the sorrows of personal love, the soul awakens to the higher life which leads to illumination or adeptship.
And in calling forth the frequency of the 6 we intend to bring the positive power forth for assisting our families and loved ones to come into balance with this healing balance.
9 Selflessness
We have chosen to come here tonight out of a place of selflessness to hope to bring about universal awareness, to assist others to come to a place of fulfilment, completion and universality. To awaken to a deeper understanding, to reach tolerance, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and to become Just. Awaken the humanitarian and come into place with Universal Truths. It is through our compassion that we assist to awaken compassion in others. The 9 is about benevolence and in this tonight we have been shown great benevolence amongst the LUXOR Light beings as the donations and prayers of healing for others and participation in this Healing has shown.
I thank you all for being a part of this first mass healing event……………..