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Through the Minds Eye

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Through the Minds Eye

When I give a reading or a healing session, I get my messages through visions that appear before my mind's eye as a message.  Sometimes the visions are static and sometimes they are moving.  The visions are so wide and varied that I decided it was time to start writing a list of possible interpretations for these symbolisms.  Sometimes it's hard to understand why we see certain things, but most times, my clients will tell me that what I have seen and how I have passed on the message is either spot on or certainly makes a lot of sense to them and where they are in their life at present.

Through the journey of my spiritual teaching and  healing work, my visionary abilities or my clairvoyance continue to develop and get stronger and so even through my personal daily meditations, the messages become more and more interesting and so, I decided to start a list of possible meanings to some of the symbolisms that I see.  You have to start somewhere, so I will endeavour to keep the list updated as much as I can and eventually you will find a detailed list on my site here to assist you with understanding some of the mystical messages that come to you - "the mystic".  I will also endeavour to give some tips along the way on how you can awaken your third eye in a natural and gentle way and learn to understand a little more about the awakened third eye.  I hope you enjoy the articles.

What is Clairvoyance?

Clair means "clear and voyance means "vision", so Clairvoyance means "clear visions.  The visions are "clearly seen" within the "minds eye" through pictures and symbols that enable me to receive "intuitive information", that helps me to bring through messages for you from my Higher Self and my connection with my spirit guides and Ascended Masters as well as your Spirit Guides.  Sometimes the visions are seen as an image that triggers an intuitive understanding of why I am being shown a certain image.  Other times I see it like a snippet of a movie playing out in front of me, but in my head.  


Most of the time the visions come in symbolic form and that requires the Mystic in me to be able to intuit the meaning and bring the message through for you, my client.  I've always had this ability, but, in truth, I didn't know it was anything other than an over active imagination and even until recently, I still thought that clairvoyants had something I didn't have.  I have only just realised that what I see is the same way as what I pay other people to do for me.  The difference is that I was not using my gift.  

Use it or Lose it!

We all the know the saying "use it, or lose it".  This is so true, a gift left dormant will eventually just fade out because I believe that unless we use our gifts, there really is no point in having it.  Imagine this.... You receive a packet of hankies for Christmas, but you never use hankies, you use tissues.  You will put the hankies away in the draw and you will forget you even have them.  One day, you will find your packet of hankies and you will decide if you want to use them, or throw them out.  Haha, couldn't think of another example!  

I decided a while ago I should use all the gifts I carry, otherwise there is no point having them.  I would be an Indian Giver, giving back the Gift I am supposed to use.  I opened to my powerful healing energy gifts a long time ago, but did not realise that in so doing, I was also using my clairvoyance and constantly said, I am not clairvoyant.  As we all know, we should be careful what we say, lest it become manifest.  So, in the background I have been using my clairvoyant gifts but not recognising them for what they are.  I "lessened" my ability in not recognising my Self.  Recently I purchased a course in opening to Clairvoyance, but I only watched the first introduction class and did the first exercise only to find I already do it all and in the first exercise the clairvoyant gave, my third eye bounced out very big and beautiful in my minds eye, showing me that it is already wide open and waiting to be used.  Still to this day, I have not done the rest of the exercises, instead, I have just started using my psychic clairvoyance in the way it has been waiting for me to do.  Developing clairvoyance comes with a willingness to use it.  I have already had confirmation many times from my clients that what I see is accurate and giving clear guidance.  I'm choosing to use it and never lose it!

Stay tuned for my Clairvoyant Visionary Symbols coming to you on this blog!

Clairvoyant Visionary Reading

A sitting with me for a clear vision reading can have a multi-layered benefit.  You will receive an energetic upgrade to your energy field when our energies combine and blockages will be cleared enabling a shift within you.  This happens on an invisible realm, but is often "felt" by the you, the client.  I like to bring you "up" to the highest point you can be in that moment, so you are removed from the weight of baggage that no longer serves you.  You will receive guidance through the clear seeing that comes through and you will also receive wisdom teachings and sometimes you will also receive messages of wisdom at the Highest Level from the energies of the Ascended Masters, through the Language of Light that is spoken by the Ascended Masters and the Angels.  These messages are so highly charged with very Higher Light Frequencies, that they begin to shift you on your ascension path / spiritually uplift you.   And then there is the Sacred Sound frequencies that pass through me from my I Am Presence Ametron bringer of Truth.  These Sacred Sounds cut through the density of our egoic mind and lift us up out of the darkness so we can embody the higher layers of our own True and Divine Self here on Earth.

If you would like a Skype reading with me, the fee is $33 per half hour.  The fee is for my time, not my Gift.  The Gift will give you far more than you could possibly imagine, you only need to be "open to receive".

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Live Sacred Sound Healing Video

Live Sacred Sound Healing 38/11 day.

While done in live time, healing codes will continue each time you watch this. If you would like to know more about the very powerful LUXOR Light Ascension Program where you can awaken to your Sacred Purpose please visit my website. We have a new live program starting soon on Zoom.
Alternatively you may already know you want to go ahead, so you can opt in here
While this healing is offered free, if you feel you have benefitted from these healing energies, I gratefully accept a donation to help me continue my work. You can use the link below or if you are in Australia you can do a direct bank deposit, just ask me for details.
If you have done LUXOR Light Ascension Program and would like to Repeat, connect with me because is it is open to you by donation.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Ancient Egyptian Mantra Meditation

Live Online Meditation 

Every Saturday I hope to be bringing you live meditation incorporating Sound Keys of Thoth, Hermes, Enoch bringing back the Ancient Egyptian Mantra Meditation.   These very powerful meditations bring shifts in consciousness and assist healing on all levels and all bodies, all realities including past lives.  

Live Healing Online

But wait, that is not all.  Every numerological 11 day I normally send healing to those who register their names, but starting this Wednesday 8 November, I will be bringing a new format of live Sacred Sound Healing from the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension.  

Saturday, 28 October 2017

5 Steps to Twin Flame Reunion

Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame
Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame

Twin Flame Reunion

If twin souls are one soul in 2 bodies and we only come together when there is enough harmony within the individual body then, Twin Souls are a more simple concept than we think.

I'm not saying coming together with your Twin Soul is simple, far from it.  The concept is simple if we look at it this way...

God has many Mansions

Most people are seeking their significant other half, finding the life of the lonesome traveller on this planet to be too hard.  It is too hard because we have not yet come to a complete balance within both aspects of the self.  Those aspects are those of the balanced masculine and feminine within each house of our self.  Those houses of self are our Chakras.  When we have balanced all seven chakras and come into harmony with the masculine and feminine aspects within each chakra, then we have found our true balanced masculine and feminine nature within.  Our houses have become mansions.

We have travelled many lifetimes to come to this point and then when that is accomplished, our consciousness is then ready to invite in another significant other.  That significant other is the physical counterpart that represents the opposite of ourselves.  For a female it is the male counterpart and for the male it is the female counterpart or in case of the same sex it would be the opposite dynamic, the one who carries the male or female energy.

Before we can come together with the Twin Soul or Twin Flame, first we must have balance and harmony with our masculine feminine aspects of self.  While many people have accomplished fifth dimensional chakras and have developed the masculine and feminine aspects within the chakras, these aspects can still be out of balance.   Therefore, the journey continues in finding that perfect balance and being in harmony with the dual aspect of our true nature.  Some people meet their twin flame or twin soul before they have found harmony within themselves and therefore there will always be a clash of natures with the mirror self known as the Twin Flame or Twin Soul.

Confusion with the purpose of Twin Flames

Our Soul reached such a high degree of consciousness it wanted to birth greater consciousness onto our planet, so it split in two recognising the need to grow and evolve in order to find harmony within the single self first, then harmony with the masculine and feminine self.  At this point, confusion begins with the desire for another to fulfil something missing in our own lives.

5 Steps to Twin Flame Reunion

1.  At the beginning, we have Man and Woman and they come together to procreate and or to fulfil a part of themselves that is missing.  The nature of the man and the nature of the woman, the divine union that comes together as a marriage between man and woman represents the union of opposites.  That is the first step on the ladder.

2.  The next stage is when the individual begins to develop the masculine and feminine aspects of the self and starts to become more divine in nature.  Steadily the growth begins and chakra by chakra we develop chakras that express alternately as they climb up the chakra column adapting to the opposite polarity within each chakra.  This is the journey into the fifth dimension and becoming the perfected human; not man not woman, but androgynous.

The androgynous Being is a man fully embodying his divine feminine and masculine nature or a woman fully embodying her divine masculine and feminine nature.  These  Androgynous Beings are Fifth Dimensional.  The journey into the fifth dimension is developing these masculine and feminine aspects of the self within each and every chakra.

3.  Now as the growth goes on and you have fully embodied these masculine and feminine sides of nature within each chakra, we begin the journey into the six dimensional level of consciousness.  While on this journey, our aim is to be able to fully activate and balance these new sides of self.  You might even meet an expression of your Twin Flame or Twin Soul at this level, but it is too hard to face this mirror and often times the old memory of "man meets woman and the two shall live happily ever after", confuses the point and a clash of wills begins.  One side is still mostly male and one side is still mostly female and the confusion of Twin Flames and Twin Souls and the concept of relationship begins and aspects of personality may battle out because that is still embedded in the cellular memory.  The human nature is still wanting to win over their opposite, not understanding that you cannot rush this union.  This is the ultimate growth phase and each side must be fully balanced in their own dual aspects of male/female in each chakra.

The insistance of relationship must go out the door!

4.  Replacing the notion of relationship with the understanding of creating Union between opposites becomes the next phase.  Each side of the soul divided, must be balanced and ready to merge with the gifts held by the opposite counterpart.  This can not be forced.  When one part of the whole reaches desperately toward the other side of soul, the opposite side will repel, or run.  Harmony must be a gradual process.  Each individual must recognise their own weaknesses and their own reactions and learn to bring interactions into harmony, responding rather than reacting to the reflection of self.

Harmony is within the Two

If a Twin Flame is one Soul in two bodies and the journey of each individual half of the original one soul is to be in harmony with God/Divine Nature, then the key is always in the essence of the number Two.  1+1=2  Partnership comes only when the two aspects are able to work in harmony with each other.   If we add unhealed aspects together, we only come up with a bigger unhealed situation.  We must first heal ourselves at the level of the individual.  Individual healed + individual healed = Partnership/Union.  Unhealed individual + Unhealed individual = Chaos.  Harmony comes when Chaos is brought into order from the balance that comes when opposing polarities are able to work in harmony with the other.

Chakras and Partnerships

Now looking at the relevance of partnerships as seen in the relevance of the second chakra and the qualities held therein, we recognise that, the second chakra deals with relationships, understanding gender/sex and identity, and in creation itself even.  The second chakra is orange in it's most healthy state and orange brings harmony.  So, we can see that the second chakra is very important when it comes to finding Union in relationship.  Harmony is at one with both aspects of the self; ie: with both masculine and feminine aspects of the self.  When 1+1 becomes 2 and when 2 finds oneness within the self, we have 2 + 1 = 3.  Masculine (1) + Feminine (2) = Creation (3) and in the sacred mathematics of the 3 we find the Divine nature within and purpose is awakened.  I hope this is not too confusing.

5. Our Divine Nature is not concerned with relationship and the concept of man meets woman and lives happily ever after.  Our Divine Nature is concerned with how the Divine can be embodied within everything and everyone.  So, when both counterparts, both male and female parts of the Twin Flame can find harmony with each other the flame burns brighter and as the two flames come together, sparks of that great divine nature can touch other souls and begin to awaken the flame within them and so the awakening of other divine creation is born again.  This is the purpose of the Twin Flame/Twin Soul Union.  The sparks that come from the Twin Flame are lost if we confuse the connection with that of a Human Relationship.  The sparks will smoulder within the losing of the self to another.  Instead, when two Twin Flames find harmony with each other, the love that is held as a constant between them becomes the fuel that ignites other flames and so the awakening of Humanity is able to accelerate.

Finding your Twin Flame

They say it is rare for us to find our twin flame, but that it is becoming more and more common now.  The reason it is becoming more and more common, is because we are evolving to a higher consciousness and so many more souls are feeling the desire to reunite with their other side of self.  The call goes out at the time your consciousness is high enough and you energetically attract the Twin Flame or Twin Soul to you.  However, it is rare for Twin Flames to find Union because as a whole, our consciousness is not yet ready to understand the true meaning of Twin Flame union and the mission is therefore lost in the yearning for "relationship" instead of keeping the love alive through a constant striving toward and into Harmony, allowing for that love to be felt by others instead of being swallowed up in human desire of each individual.  This is not to say you cannot have a relationship with your Twin Flame, but that it is often hard to stay focused on the true purpose of the union.  To place your focus on creating a relationship from the connection between yourself and your Twin Flame also shifts and lowers the consciousness back to that of "man meets woman, they procreate and live happily ever after".  Instead it would be better to think "Divine meets Divine and they co-create forever into eternity".

All Twin Flames come together to assist Humanity in Awakening.  It is not about romance, but rather about the dance of the eternal flame.

Summerizing the 5 Steps to Twin Flame Reunion

1  Develop the masculine and feminine within each chakra
2  Work towards having a balance between both these aspects within each chakra
3  Attract in the Twin Soul or Twin Flame
4  Work toward finding harmony between each other.
5  Keeping the Mission the goal of the Union

Twin Flames - Dance of the Eternal Flame

I have been intuitively guided to create a new program designed to assist you in clearing the blockages and bringing balance and harmony to your chakra system in readiness to receive the new frequencies that lift your frequency to that which matches your Twin Flame, so the Dance of the Eternal Flame can begin.

If you would like to be first to know when the program is about to be launched, please register below.

Other Twin Flame articles I have written on my journey of connecting with my Twin Flame.  I made the decision to learn as much as I could along the way and share as I go.  I've written from the perspective of where I was at on each step of the way.  I can see the progress and now am enjoying the journey that has come first from confusion and denial, to acceptance, to way too hard, to now excited to focus on the harmonics of the connection and learning to live in accordance of the true purpose.... feeling freer all the time.... guidance and intuitive understanding is clearer and I feel we are getting closer to achieving the harmony that all Twin Flames are here to achieve firstly with each other and then energetically with world...

Twin Flames Unite
Awakening to the Twin Flame
Talking Twin Flames
Twin Flame 11:11 Finding the Answers

Thursday, 12 October 2017

11:11 Secrets of the Nile

orbs in temples of the nile with luxor light spiritual tours
Orbs in Geb el Silsila Temple of Horemheb

Secrets of the Nile

I remember, my first ever trip on the Nile.  It was a amazing.  We had a small wooden traditional Egyptian Sailing boat, called a Dahabieh, or maybe it was called a Sandal because that is what they call the small Dahabieh's.  I don't remember the name of the boat, but it was so, cute.  If I remember rightly there was only 3 cabins on the boat, but I think we had 6 people.  Geez, my memory is fading!  But, I've taken groups on Sacred Sound trips on the Nile every year since, sometimes twice a year.  That was way back in 2008; if I remember rightly!

One of the highlights of the first trip happened on the very first night.  I remember it so clearly.  Myself and one of the participants on the Dahabieh cruise on the Nile, Susan, sat up on deck after everyone else had turned in for the night.  It was around midnight and I glanced up and in the distance on the west bank of the Nile, I could see 3 pyramids!  But, Susan could see them too.  Now, if you have never been to Egypt, you won't know that, there are no pyramids down here where we were, somewhere between Luxor and Edfu.  We looked intensely to see if it were some hills in the distance but it wasn't.

Magic City of Atlantis on the Nile

I hadn't known what to expect on that first trip, but as we were loading our bags onto the boat, a friend and tour guide of the owner of the boat had flippantly called out to us "Ask Abdul to take you to the magic city of Atlantis".  I heard it as he drove away and it echoed in my mind but then it was gone.  That evening, I wondered as I looked out in the distance; were we seeing through the veil?  Were there ever pyramids there?  Was it just hills, or was there magic at play?

In the morning, I couldn't wait to get up on deck to check out the most likely scenario which was that it was some hills in the distance.  Within the haze that covered the skyline was what appeared to be crystaline pyramids lining the horizon.  That was not the only mystery that unfolded on that first adventure on the Dahabeih on the Nile... you can read more about that journey of Atlantis revisited here 

11:11 on The Nile

While I have not seen that vision since, every trip is always filled with magic of some kind.  This year in readiness for 11 November, when the 11:11 gateway opens, we set sail again down the Nile, leaving from Luxor to Aswan.  Because this year has been filled with unusual events, some good, some not so good, I have not had time to focus on placing energy on this trip and in fact didn't even know if I was going to be able to take it.  But, in true form to my life of walking in the path of trust and faith and the last minute, I am now aware that I am going to be back in Egypt in time, in order to take the tour as usual.  Because it is last minute and because I know this trip has to go ahead, because it is 11:11 and therefore we must initiate the new openings, I am offering a really big discount for anyone who book with me now.  The Dahabieh cruise on the Nile is normally $1598 AUD but I am now offering it for $1111 to amplify the 11:11 frequencies that we will be working with.  This is a massive saving and you would be crazy not to jump at this.  I know it's short notice, but come, you will never regret it.

You need to connect here to find out more and to receive the itinerary to all the temples and energy work we will be doing.... incorporating Ancient Egyptian Mantra Yoga!  A Powerful Sacred Sound Experience!

An instant book opportunity, 
apply NOW for a transformational life experience !

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What is an Intuitive Empowerment Reading with ChristinA

ChristinA Ritchie of LUXOR Light Ascension
ChrisitnA Ritchie

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings are different for everyone depending on the Reader, but let me tell you a little about having and intuitive reading with me.  My journey has been over some 20 plus years of working with tools that opened my intuitive faculties.  I've been teaching spiritual techniques since 1998 after a time of awakening to seeing auras and a thorough experiential study of all things spiritual such as crystals, auras, chakras, numerology, angels, ascended masters, and so on.  I began teaching meditation and founded an International Colour Therapy school where I taught similar techniques and much more.  Over the duration of my dedication to merging with my Higher Self, I was gifted with a Divine Energy that is able to assist others with awakening to their higher faculties also.  I then founded a new mystery school for ascension with the focus of sharing the divine frequencies that move through me and transfer to others.  I developed a new unique form of meditation and healing modality that enables the individual to heal through the very high and powerful energies that they are awakened to and teaches them how to awaken to their intuitive self and their God-given healing abilities.  

Gifts of Ascension

Through the years my intuitive abilities continue to develop adding layer upon layer of gifts that are awakened within me the further I go into the ascension.  I work with numbers which speak to me in sentences like a story unfolding.  I only need the clients name and birthdate and a story begins to unfold that is unique to each individual at any given time.  My ability to be able to "see" visions allows me to utilise my intuitive faculties to bring the messages through from my Higher Self in order to pass on the message to the client.   I connect with the Client on the Highest Level and read what is happening through their energy field and can tell you if there are any energy blockages that need to be addressed or if there is anything in the emotional, mental or spiritual levels that needs to be addressed in order to allow the next phase of the individuals journey to unfold.  Every session is different but will always assist to unlock and release blocked energy and past trauma, sometimes tapping into past lives or working through a current hardship.  This all helps the client to activate their highest potential and lifes purpose.  I carry unique codes and keys that pass through my voice to unlock at the highest level and encode new information that is specific to the client and it doesn't matter where in the world the client is because this is all done in a sacred space where ego is totally removed.  I am also awakened to a language of Light that carries Light codes and messages at a very high level although not understood in the human languages.  Where necessary I will record these so the individual can listen to them and heal through to the level of the Soul.  This often brings clarity that is often misinterpreted through the English language.  The understanding happens at the Core Soul Level.

All in Divine Timing

The reading is done in alignment with the divine timing that unfolds for each individual and is then sent to the client by email.  The client is given a format to follow before reading it, so that layers beyond the mind can awaken and penetrate to levels that allow processing and releasing and the transmuting of energies through the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that then in turn affect the physical body and can enable a healing process to begin.

Some sessions may include an in-depth reading about soul purpose and challenges that may be encountered and how to recognise these so you can come to an understanding why certain things come into your life.  This often helps to shift the way things are perceived and a shift in consciousness happens and healing occurs.  I work through different dimensions and am able to tell you what concepts of consciousness are being awakened in you in the present time, so you can embody the knowing and allow it to unfold.

An Intuitive reading is not the same a a psychic reading although often I will have visions that may be connected with events forthcoming, but in general it is not reading the future. Futuristic readings can change because it all depends on how we are living our life in the moment and whether we continue to follow the direction we are in or if we choose to make changes.  It's all about the choices we are making at the time.

During a reading I will always point out ways that you can become more empowered and help guide you to listening to your own Higher Self with tips of how you can awaken to your own inner gifts.

If you would like an Intuitive Empowerment Reading with ChristinA, please register below...

Energy Exchange

$33 for a general session including one concern
$55 including Boost healing including one concern
$111 Intuitive Soul Energy Report and full Healing including 3 concerns.

If you have specific concerns you can add them, but it is not necessary as the session will focus on the highest path for you at any given time.

Payment Must be Received before the Reading will go ahead.

Register for your Intuitive Empowerment Reading Here

Thank you and Infinite Blessings to you!

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What is an Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner

christina ritchie sharing the light in  an Egypt monastery
Sharing energy of the Divine Mother, Monastery near the Valley of the Queens, Egypt

LUXOR Light Energy Medicine

In dictionary terminology "Medicine", is the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease or, a drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease.  So, that's how most people think when they think of medicine.

In LUXOR Light we work with energy and study energy through the experience of ourselves, learning how, through awakening to these specific empowerment energies they can affect us and our health and wellbeing.  I always recommend my students to use themselves as their own best case study and in so doing they are able to understand their clients so much better.  After working firstly on themselves and undertaking a thorough self healing and awakening program that enables you to embody the light of these specific energies that are for the mission of ascension, we begin the process of understanding energy as a medicine.

Energy as a Medicine

We've talked about the LUXOR Light energies as a frequency with a specific mission directed toward ascension before, but not really as an energy medicine.  I want to explain simply to you how this works.

Firstly, let's keep things simple, because we can.  Keeping things simple means that anyone is able to grasp this wisdom and embody it.  Wisdom "is" held in the energy and so through a thorough understanding of ones own healing process through the use of the LUXOR Light frequencies/energies, you begin to be able to feel the energy in so many different ways.  You can begin to get to know the personality of the energy and how it is working through you and how it you can notice the changes within yourself.  Once you are able to understand how the energy works through you, you are then able to feel the energy as it works on your clients.  You are able to feel where the blockages are in the energy field/subtle bodies and know how to clear them.  You are able to "read" the energy field and give an energy diagnosis and of course administer the energy just as you would administer a medicine.  The energy becomes the medicine that works through the subtle bodies bringing balance and harmony to the energy field and strengthening it so dis-ease to the physical body does not take place.  If, however, dis-ease has already manifested into the physical body, the energy medicine is still needed in order to keep the energy field in balance and clear of impurities so the physical body can heal at a faster and more efficient rate.

The Wisdom of Energy Medicine

What do you think when you think of the word wisdom?  What does it mean to you?  

Some people might say it is the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement or the quality of being wise.  But, true wisdom is held within and what is held within can never truly be expressed in words, at least the words cannot truly express the true wisdom.  If true wisdom is held within, then it could more accurately be described as energy.  When we express wisdom through words, it is more the energy that is expressing through those words rather than the knowledge that is more connected to words.  

If you can grasp what I have said above, then you can see that to experience energy medicine, means that you are having a direct experience with true wisdom.  True wisdom is expressed through the energy channel of the facilitator.  The receptor, whether it be the facilitator or the individual receiving the energy medicine, is receiving the "wisdom" and that in turn allows the individual,  once they are familiar with this wisdom to come to "Know Thyself" and in so doing, the medicine has been administered and true healing begins.  

LUXOR Light Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner

Becoming a LUXOR Light Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner begins with a thorough process of healing the Self through the powerful energies of LUXOR Light Ascension.  This is done through a unique form of meditation practice that was channelled to ChristinA in 2004 with the purpose of assisting others to embody the high frequencies that enable continual shifts in consciousness.  ChristinA continues to bring new energies through and therefore the system is constantly updated through the Universal energetic web.  Once the individual is able to fully embody the wisdom of the energy, they are then able to undertake the training to become the Energy Medicine Specialist.  

Healing through the Ethers

The thing with energy medicine is that you don't need to be face to face with the practitioner in order to receive the energy medicine or the energy diagnosis.  A LUXOR Light Energy Medicine Practitioner can read your energy field from anywhere in the world and all they need is your name and birth date as permission to tune into your energy field.  You can receive the energy analysis/diagnosis and receive the energy medicine to bring you into alignment with your true self in order to raise your frequency to it's highest potential at any given time, so you can receive the healing that is required in that moment.

When receiving a distant healing with an energy medicine specialist you will be receiving the wisdom administered directly through the energy and shifts in the consciousness of every cell of your body begins to take place.  When consciousness shifts, so too can the health of body, mind and spirit.

To receive a distant energy healing session contact 

To begin the journey of accelerating your ascension and becoming an Energy Medicine Specialist, 

Or to take part in programs in 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

August Solar Eclipse more Shifts of Awakening

Solar Eclipse energies for August 21

What is a Solar Eclipse

On August 21 during the Phase of the New Moon we will be having a full Solar Eclipse.  An eclipse of the Sun happens when the New Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun's rays and a shadow on some parts of the Earth.

During the time of an eclipse the energies are always extra intense.  We are drawn in as suggested by the moon casting a shadow over certain parts of the earth.  We may find that we feel like we too have a shadow of darkness cast over a part of our emotional or mental side of our self.  It's a time to look within and feel deep into the aspects of ourselves that we have not brought fully into the light.  We do in effect go through the same experience as our environment.  As we see in nature the shadow cast upon the earth, we see the shadow cast upon our own inner nature as we wait for the darkness to pass and we can bathe in the clear light once again.

Visiting our Shadow Selves

Because it happens at the time of the New Moon when the moon is already moving into it's dark stage before it begins it's journey again, it has an intensified effect on our nature and draws us into our own shadow.

For up to 3 days before the event and 3 days after the event we are able to feel these effects.  We are pulled inward and so it is a really good time to meditate and be in full awareness of the phase of the natural environment and our nature rhythm in sync with the Sun and the Moon.

What is it that you need to reflect upon?  What is casting the shadow?

Solar Eclipse a Portal of Hidden Power

The Solar Eclipse is a portal of hidden power just like our Solar Plexus when it is not yet fully healed and you are not able to draw on the most positive aspects of your "Soul" power.

The Solar eclipse therefore, signifies a turning point for us.  We have been through so many shifts this year and it has not been an easy ride, but we are now ready to turn the corner as we move toward the September Equinox.

Eclipses upset the natural order of things because they interrupt the normal expression of the sun and the moon (the way we express our emotions), so they can upset and interrupt the normal expression of ourselves too.

Solar Eclipse and the Lion's Gate Portal

Numerologically the August 2017 eclipse will be a reflection of the what we were passing through the close of Lion's Gate Portal on August 12.   Both days vibrate to the 3.  August 12 drawing in the Light of Christ Consciousness and August 21 drawing in the unconditional love essence urging us inward to seek and find our own Divinity and Shining Light I Am.  Ultimately they both bring in the Christ Consciousness that resides deep within our Heart 12/3 and 21/3; both reflections of each other.

The amplified 3 energies that shine from our own "Solar" Centre (Solar Plexus) may be feeling rattled and a little anxious of what is to come.  Without knowing why you feel this way, you can be sure it is the power of the eclipse portal offering you another opportunity to conquer your deepest fears so you can shine your light brighter than before.

On the 12th of August we were able to freely express that Light and then on the 21st we are tested with our own shadow of darkness and asked to be gentle and remember that every cloud has a silver lining and the Sun with Shine again within us.  Staying in the Now and focusing on being centred and still during this passing phase.

Yes!  This too will pass!

A Time of Stillness

Be still, don't travel, don't work if you don't have to, curl up, sleep, meditate, reflect, journal and make a conscious effort to put awareness into the inner nature and what is beckoning to be brought back out of the shadows for healing.

I have a divinely inspired online meditation program that allows you to access your shining sun, your I Am and help you to shift through the shadows of self.  It includes lifetime support and mentoring... start Level One today and it just might be all you need to Shift into a new Awareness and change your Life.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Close of the Lion's Gate 12th August

Close of the Lion's Gate Energies

We are still in the window of the massive energies being sent to us from Sirius during this Lion's Gate.  The Gate closes on August 12 and those of us who have been receptive to receive the energies that are being showered upon us right now will begin to notice the shifts occurring which will most likely begin to amplify in the days to come.

If we did the work, the preparation from the moment the Gate opened, then by now we should already be seeing the shifts within ourselves.  This particular Gate also opened with the full moon in Aquarius meaning some of the qualities that would be amplified for us would be the light being shone on our humanitarian aspects of self.  Our determination would be even stronger with the Leo influence and the Lion's Gate.  We will have the determination of a Lion!  Our individual qualities have an opportunity to shine brighter under these influences and in some cases you may feel the urge to just rebel against the status quo or even rebel against the outworn parts of yourself.  The light influxes under this moon as we entered the peak of the Lion's Gate was pushing us to our full independence and to be the pioneer of new things.   But, wait, there is more!  We also had a Lunar Eclipse!

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon and Lion's Gate

A Lunar eclipse is when the earth blocks the suns rays from reaching the moon during the full moon and the moon is cast within the Earth's Shadow.  This affects us in such a way that we are unable for a brief window to reflect our Light and we are drawn into ourselves.  It sets the perfect environment for us to surrender and let parts of our self go that no longer serves us so we can step closer into our full potential.

The energy of this cycle asks us to let go and move through the Gateway as we did on August 8.  Now, we are coming through the other side and we are seeing that indeed it is time to let go and surrender and be in the space that is perfect for us in this now moment.  We don't need to keep living the same old, same old.  We don't need to carry that any more and what is good for us, when it comes from a pure heart space is good for all those around us.  This is a time for pure unconditional love, of self and of others, a time of forgiveness and a time of true letting go.  Letting go on a higher order, that means no blame, no conditions, no what ifs, no buts, just pure letting go and being completely in the heart space.  Being completely in the heartspace is just acceptance, clean, pure and true.

The full moon is now waning, the eclipse is now moved on, you have looked within and shone the light on the deepest fears held within you and you have walked through the Gate of the Lion with the courage of the Lion.  You have said I am ready and willing to let go of "ideas" and let the path unfold in it's highest order, totally surrendered to what is to come and fully embracing the Now.

Lion's Gate Shining Awareness on Relationships

This will begin to get stronger as the days forge ahead and as the window of the Lion's Gate closes on the 12th of August.  You have set the wheels in motion for a new degree of freedom and things might start to speed up.  You have to be totally in allowance of this new sense of surrender and not invite back in old fears.   Now, is a time to really know what your own psyche is telling you, your intuition, your inner knowing.  Listen to your dreams because they are guiding you right now.  Your intuition has never been so alert and ready to shower you with knowingness, but it is up to you to listen.

There is a real connection between relationships at this time of the year and moving into new phases.  The eclipse held a key in that for us if we were aware enough to notice.  The 88 suggests bigger stuff; you know - bigger forgiveness, bigger unconditionality, bigger possibilities, bigger potentials.  This can reflect strongly on all relationships all the way to the Twin Flame connections.  We have the opportunity here if we are connected to our Twin Flame to read the situation in it's true light.  Notice I said Twin Flame connection, not Twin Flame relationship.  It is only the still needy side of us that sees Twin Flames as relationships.  Twin Flames are here to wake us up to ourselves and that is all, what happens after that is anyone's guess really.  No one can really fully understand them because each twin flame connection is unique to the individuals.  They are here to wake us up to the next level of ourselves and the Lion's Gate assists that to happen.  But, this happens to all of us, not just Twin Flames.  We all have to wake up to ourselves  - both sides of ourselves, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  

Wake up Call of the Lion's Gate

The Lion's Gateway 8:8 portal is a wake up call!  A call to surrender to the All That Is You; both masculine and feminine, both Divine.  The energies are flooding us from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius to our Earth.  This window is called the Planetary New Year and is most certainly a time for celebrations as we are showered with new Light Codes that help the evolution of the Earth and humanity.  The Gate closes on 12 August but the energies will be felt right up to our total solar eclipse on August 21/22 helping you to receive the energies that assist you to build on your own personal pyramid and awaken to your Higher Self.  

 Be in allowance, be kind to yourself, receive the Love that flows through to you, you will emerge through this gate a new you, more empowered and more on track than ever before.  This is your gateway, and your path ahead, open it gently, it might be a bit rusty and the path ahead might be a bit over-grown, but be the brave you, the one that has the courage of the Lion and put a smile on your face and open your heart to what lies ahead of you.... 


Sirius Energies, Gate always Open

LUXOR Light Ascension Program is a system that enables you to receive these higher influxes of Light Codes from Sirius through an energy transferences.  Join the LUXOR Light Ascension Online Course and accelerate your path under a fully mentored program or join a program in Egypt and begin to learn to master the building of your own personal pyramid.

Monday, 7 August 2017

August Colour Therapy and Healing Karma

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Colour Therapy Healing for the Self

Every month is a good month to begin a new phase of healing, but we are in August, so I want to discuss the significance of healing during August. 

Generally speaking we are working with the energies of the 8, being the 8th month and this means it's a fantastic time to deal with forgiveness and activate the unconditional love essence within you. It also relates to healing karma and that Karma can be within yourself or with another person. Karma is only a meeting of egos, of past personalities and being given an opportunity to become more of your true nature, so, August is a good time for looking at those aspects of self, or personality connections from past lives and tidying up loose ends.... 

Karma is only unfinished business after all, but the trouble is, egos get involved and judgment starts to rule the roost! 

Healing Karma with Colour Therapy

So, back to the number 8. When we have dealt with karma and forgiven and activated the unconditional love essence then we can access the Infinite potentialities that we all have access to from our more balanced side.

The number 8 vibrates to the frequency of Magenta.  So, if you want to deal with healing a karmic situation, go all out to immerse yourself with magenta.  Magenta is all forgiving, it's unconditional and it is a true reflection of "as above, so below".  Magenta is made up of the violet frequencies of Heaven/spiritual and the red frequencies of the physical/earth.  Bringing the two together to blend into magenta helps us to embody our spiritual side with our physical side.  It's bringing Heaven to Earth and isn't that exactly what we are trying to do?  

Finding Forgiveness through Colour Therapy

When we think about karmic situations, there can be many things we need to learn through these situations, but most definitely forgiveness is often a part of this.  Magenta just dissolves all hurts and allows us to know true forgiveness.  We don't forgive until we forget, you know, when it just doesn't matter any more.  That is true forgiveness.  I remember buying a picture of the Master Jesus from a Monastery in Luxor some years back and the words written on it were "When I forgive, I forget".  When I read that I realised that a situation in my life that I was saying I had forgiven the person, in reality I had not, because I had not forgotten.  I was still caught up in the story.  But, a few years down the track now, I can truly say I have forgiven.  Now I see that same situation as just that, a story, a drama and a karmic situation I had invited into my life to heal.  Once all is forgiven you can love the individual or the situation as something that was significantly important in your life.  A situation that gave you immense spiritual growth and no bad feelings are left.  In fact, I have found where once I could replay that story over and over in my mind, but now I can't even really remember it.  It's as if there is a veil over it, hiding it, as if it was just a far distant dream/nightmare that really isn't real at all.  And, that is the truth of it.  It is not real.  Magenta will help you to get there and let go of all hurts.

Activating Unconditional Love through Colour Therapy

Once we have come to that place of forgiveness there really is only unconditional love left to embody.  Again, embodying unconditional love, or activating the essence of unconditional love can be felt while immersed in the frequencies of magenta.  The more you immerse yourself in it, the more accustomed you come to it, the more you merge fully with that element that lives within you that is unconditional love.  We become comfortable with it, we begin to wear it within and it shines without. 

So, by now you can see the power of magenta and August is a magenta month.  Just by acknowledging the frequencies of forgiveness and unconditional love and intending to fully merge and meet at the same frequency is how we can overcome these challenges.  Aligning with and merging with a particular frequency brings us into that state.  That is the way to heal now, so colour therapy can become an even more powerful tool than ever before.  It paves the way....

How to Heal with Magenta

This is what I want to share with you through the colour therapy courses.  I want to help you to know how to use colour as a healing tool and as a vehicle for aligning with the awesome frequencies of the colour rays so you can become the most positive you... become your True Nature by using what mother nature has gifted us.

We can work with the colour frequencies through breath work, through our visualisations, through crystals and oils, through numerology, through prayer and meditation and many many other ways.  I would love to help you to find your colourful path in life as you fully embody all the healing rays and live in accordance to your true essence, the natural you, your spirit on earth.

Colour Therapy Healing Tools

What a wonderful month to start healing of self.  The courses listed on my website are awesome colour therapies opportunities for you, so why no jump in and take charge of your own healing with gaining knowledge of how to work with the colour rays. My courses are super cheap, but that is no reflection of how powerful the work is if you set your mind to it. I even have a forever portal of colour therapy mentoring for you if you choose.

Anyway, why not get started with the next round of courses going out and get started with Awakening to your Passion

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Oodles of Love and Colour Filled Rays of Unconditional love to you !

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Lion's Gate Portal 888

Lion's Gate Portal August 888

The Lion's Gate is when a Great influx of energies from Sirius are bestow upon us.  With our Hearts open and ready we are able to receive from our Infinite Universe, these Infinite Energies that enable us to carry a greater Light.  Each year this Gateway carries a new Theme, a different quality and another opportunity to rise in Conscioiusness via the Gifts of Higher Light Frequencies that Siruis the Home of the Ascension offers us.
LUXOR Light is of the Sirius frequency streams and so through the portal of LUXOR Light you are able to open the Gates and pass through with the assistance of this most powerful vehicle.  You will be showered with the Infinite Love, Healing and Light of Sirius.
If you would like to know more about LUXOR Light and the Ascension frequencies, there is a way to become a Gate Keeper of this Energy Most High and you can find out more on the website, just find your way to the Home page or connect with ChristinA by email. 

The Lion's Gate Opens Hearts

So, Every year on August 8 the Lion's Gate opens when the Sun is in Leo and the star Sirius moves closer to earth and aligns with Orion's belt.  Orion's belt also lines up perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza. Orion's Belt and Osiris are one and the same.  In Ancient Egypt, it was said that the god Osiris descended from Orion's Belt and Isis from the Star Sirius and the three pyramids on the Giza plateau   just happen to be in perfect alignment with the 3 stars of Orion's belt. Their orientation to the Nile is also likened to Orion's orientation to the Milky Way.
Image Link...

In 2006 we had the most powerful portal because the year 2006 in numerology became an 8 so it was 8 August 2006 equaling 888.  On this date I recorded a meditation that would be suitable to be used every year to enable us to align with the powerful energies of the Lion's Gate and enable Great Heart Openins. Then, in 2015 was also another powerful portal with 2015 also adding up to 8. ... now we have it again!  It is time for a new Lion's Gate Portal 888 Meditation to access the new Higher Frequencies with the new purpose, opening Hearts with the triple 8 Frequencies 888.

888 Powerful Lion's Gate Portal

Now this year 8 August 2017 we have another opportunity for the 888 frequencies to activate us into higher shifts and big Heart Openings.

The interesting this to note for the Lion's Gate Portal in 2017 is that numerologically it also becomes an 8.

8 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 26/8  So, it doesn't matter which way we look at it, we definitely have an 888 portal happening.  This is a very powerful time indeed!

The energies of Sirius awaken us to new frequencies, Heart Openings, energetic potentials and a higher consciousness at an accelerated rate.  This is why the LUXOR Light Ascension Program is so powerful and why this is such a great time to re-initiate the LUXOR Light Online Ascension Program if you have it, or for new people it's a good time to start.  When Sirius is so close like it is in August, it bathes the whole planet with it's higher consciousness enabling us to raise the kundalini and tap into our infinite potential.     

Check out our Sirius Energy Ascension Programs through the 

LUXOR Light Ascension System in Luxor, Egypt

Twin Flames and the Lion's Gate Portal

I found it very interesting in regards to what others were writing regards twin flames coming together in the second part of 2016.  I wondered if it was because the 9 energy in numerology is to do with mission and when two infinite (8) beings (889) come together missions are being forged?  I'm still fascinated with what I am seeing with my clients in regards to energy fields aligning with the Twin Flame/Soul alignments.  (Remembering this can be happening on a spiritual level at the 10th dimension and not necessarily on the physical level).

This year in 2017 given that it is a 888 Gateway, Twin Flames will be able to resolve a lot of Karma and Hearts that are not opening to the fear of Greater Awakenings, a new influx of Twin Flames can begin to Awaken and ascension can take a new move forward.  8's are always related to Karma.  This would then have the follow on of initiating major shifts for humanity.  All in all it appears if as above so below, twin flame connections, Alpha and Omega are always super powerful around this time of the year, especially on the exact day of 8 August, when the Lion's Gate is wide open for all to pass through.

Take a look at what is happening around you.  Be "aware" of the process that is nudging you forward on your journey through the ascension and what is needing to be aligned or integrated to a deeper degree.  Be fully conscious of the process and learn as much as you can from your own situation and lessons.  Watch; be the observer of you... don't get caught up in what is happening to everyone else, just observe you, but do not be attached to the situation, you are only the observer.  When things start to take a hold of you in whatever way it is, be it emotions or releasing old wounds, bring yourself fully into the present and focus on on the Now moment because in that moment all the pain and suffering is able to fall away.  The more you can do this the more you will align with your True and authentic self that is trying to find a place in your heart and activate the Higher Heart, the Christ Centre.  When you can live from this space most of the time you really will be understanding what it is to find liberation, peace and inner strength and knowing.

Aligning with Sirius Energy

Sirius energy allows us to awaken to higher more powerful frequencies that enables us to accelerate our consciousness into the higher realms.  LUXOR Light is a frequency that originates from the Star System Sirius and so is perfect for you to align and embrace these frequencies, so please do remember to order your meditation.

Because at this time of the year when the Lion's Gate opens, Sirius is so close to us, bathing us and planet earth with greater influxes of energy and allowing us to open to our own divine power as we embrace the divine frequencies being showered up on us.  We are in a constant stream of new energies beind downloaded to us from our Infinite Universe that enable us to activate our third eye chakra and help us to tap in to the infinite potential of our Being.

Be vigilant with your thoughts words and indeed "deeds" as we are now being reminded that we are connected to the Infinite Universe and we, each of us, hold infinite wisdom and power to create our own reality through the potential of our thoughts and ideas.

You may notice more vivid dreams at this time holding messages that are talking to our subconscious mind and giving us guidance.  If you remember the dreams take note of what stands out.  Take notice of the colours or the lack of colour, take note of the symbology from the sybmolism in your dream and show yourself that you are dedicated to your own greater awakenings by taking the path of the mystic and seeking to find your own answers.

Lion's Gate and Higher Dimensions

At this time during the Lion's Gate we are able to travel through different dimensions and anchor higher frequencies.  This is a most powerful time to focus on your own greater awareness.

Now is the time to embrace the willingness to open to your specific soul/spiritual mission and allow for that to open and come to you.

This is a great time to chose NOW as your portal to greater awakening!  If you are reading this it is most likely you have incarnated as one of the evolved beings who are here to assist the planet in raising consciousness.  Awaken to the Higher Light Frequencies through the Sirius Path with LUXOR Light Ascension

Until next post, I'm wishing you Infinite Bliss with your Shower's of Higher Frequencies through the Lion's Gate Portal 2017!


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Trusting the Process and Ascension Codes of Tel el Amarna

pictures of tombs tel el armana
Tombs at Beni Hasan

Trusting the Process

Wow life at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension is busy!  Since our opening on March 3, we have been full steam ahead fulfilling our mission.  For 13 years we have waited for this mission to be grounded to a physical location and for 9 years we have waited for the full circle to come about so we could return to this very same property to begin to fulfill the purpose we in LUXOR Light are here for.  This is called "trusting the process".  It's been a long wait but each step along the way has held immense growth and learning.  I didn't really do any of the manifesting type actions and as time has gone on, I have discovered that what I was doing by placing my only focus on raising my levels of consciousness and assisting others to do the same, was giving allowance for time to place matching frequencies together.  Everything has it's time and everything that is to play a part on our Soul's journey will ultimately always play out.  I let go and Let God and if you take a look at that saying, you can see there is only a "d" the difference... oh and capital L and capital G.  Let go and allow the "d" / divine to take care of the rest.  We don't have to play the manifesting game any more.  Frequencies are what it takes.  Be at the highest frequency you can be and all that matches that divinity will come about.  So, we are now full steam ahead with the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension.

Since the beginning of May we have been non-stop.  We had an ascension cruise on the Nile for the WESAK full moon, from Luxor to Gebel el Silsila and back to coincide with the ever powerful LUXOR Light Ascension course here at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension.  We completed Levels one and two and then took a break and traveled north to Tel el Amarna and the city of Akhetaten.  While we were there we covered so much ground that I have not covered before.  I visited Tel el Amarna back in 2006, but didn't get to see the whole area.  This time we began with the tombs at Beni Hasan with magnificent views over the Nile.  Rather awe struck with this location.
I had slept all the way from Luxor, drawn into some deep slumber and the energies were starting to show me just why.  The whole trip is now starting to be bit of a blur because we did so much both physically and energetically.I have hardly had a minute to report in since!

We stayed at el Minya in a lovely little hotel and the following morning headed out to tel el Amarna.  This was certainly very different to my last visit.  We started with the Royal Tombs of the Akhenaten family.  The energy was gentle, not like some of the more energetic tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  Whether this is because no one was ever actually buried here or not I don't know.  Apparently they think Akhenaten was buried here, but they never found a body.

11:11 Gateway or Signpost

We were given permission to meditate in the Royal tomb and when we were finished the guard headed me off to another unfinished tomb that have been meant for Nerfertiti - according to one article I read.  This tomb was also within the main Royal tomb and a weird thing happened.  I was walking down the left side of when my foot slipped and somehow I ended up in a head first dive diagonally over to the right. I cracked the right side of my head badly on the bottom corner of the wall as I seemingly dived headfirst into the wall.  With the loud crunch I gave a bit of a scream and stopped head down in the tomb dust.  My left shoulder was grazed and my left elbow bruised and swollen.  The right side of my head had cuts and grazes and an egg began to swell.  Immediately I hit the wall and let out my "aaagh", I began to chant a mantra "  Hundara miy na Hyatah Ekoyanah" which is a purification mantra given to me from my Higher Self / I Am Presence.  I was a tad in shock but got up and walked up and out of the tomb, still chanting the mantra to myself.  The swelling of the egg on my head began to go down and the bleeding didn't last long.  While I could feel a headache coming on, it very soon dissipated with the use of the mantra.  It all happened so quickly a little after 11am.  We got in the car and drove a short distance to another location with the Boundary Stelae of Akhenaten and Nefertiti is located. At exactly 11:11, I received a phone call from my twin flame saying he had tried to call me, but my phone was off and that he had been having a bad feeling.  I explained that I was probably out of range in the tomb and that I had taken a fall.  The strange thing is, while I was still a little dazed, my wounds were making a rapid healing and it was beginning to become clear to me that there must have been some unexplainable reason to take a fall.  I wasn't sure what it could be, but the day before at Beni Hasan, I had laid in the space of the sarcophagus in one of the tombs for a short meditation and so thought maybe I had triggered a brief death rebirth experience.

I always see 11's among many other things, as a sign of the mirror.  1 being the individual and facing the other 1, mirroring each other.  So, I see 11:11, among many other things as a sign of the twin flame/soul.  It can be a gateway and a tomb is certainly a gateway to another world.  It appears I'm being offered an opportunity to move through another Gateway.  I don't know what that is at the moment but, "trusting the process", I'm sure I'm going to find out. in due course.

Cocoon or ET Egg

Just another short drive and we came to the tomb of Ay.  This felt weird to me, because I am so familiar with the tomb of Ay at the Valley of the Monkeys near the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The tomb at the Valley of the Monkeys holds such a powerful energetic presence and yet this tomb, although very beautiful didn't really have much of an energy charge to it all other than the energy of the mountain.  But, there is something mysterious about this tomb and I would have to say, for me it is the most beautiful tomb I've ever been in; not for the reliefs on walls but because it was almost temple-like with huge pillars inside.  Also, there was a stairway with 29 steps that took a sharp turn to the right and at the bottom there was a large boulder that had apparently mysteriously rolled down the stairs all on it's own at some point, or so we were told, but I can't find any recording of that.  However, it was really weird and reminiscent of the movie "Cocoon".  We stood at the bottom of the stairs just staring at this great big perfectly round flint-like boulder.  It was rather eerie, almost like there was some sort of message regarding the boulder.  Another mysterious thing in the tomb of Ay, were these holes in the floor of the tomb that appeared to be purposely created and from them came a gush of air.  Was that intended to be to help the priests or slaves that were to go into the tomb with the King, so they could breathe a little longer.  I can't find anything on that either.  This tomb is certainly worth a second visit for meditation.  I wasn't in the mood after my fall, however, I did do a recording of what came through me when I stood in front of the Hymn to the Aten that was on the walls to the left just as we entered the tomb.  Listening to this track will open you to Codes that are intended for passing on.  I wouldn't get anything otherwise.

Akhenaten's Temple

Temple of Akhenaten

Before we left the Amarna experience, we stopped by the Temple of Nefertiti and the Temple of Akhenaten.  There isn't much left of these temples now, but it appears they are starting to do some reconstruction building.  We went to Akhenaten's Temple first and I discovered that last time, when I traveled specifically to Egypt for this temple, I had in fact not seen it.  I had made it to Nefertiti's palace and had been told the other way around.  It doesn't matter really, because whatever I came for the last time I obviously got and it was something I had to do then and now I am completing the puzzle.  I had done the Divine Feminine then and this time I had completed that circle with the Divine Masculine.  Interestingly Nefertiti's Palace this time was sectioned off and we were unable to actually place our feet inside the grounds.

Temple of Thoth of el-Ashmuneim

We moved on after that to a place called Tuna el-Gebel.  Wow!  What can I say, what a lovely little temple dedicated to Thoth.

I've really enjoyed this trip, because,
 I guess I've been visiting same ol same ol for too long and there is still so much more to see in Egypt.  The reliefs on the walls of this little temple were just delightful and really very interesting stories to tell.  It's been a big 6 weeks, so I'm feeling a little tired and my brain is a bit fried and forgetful, so I'm just adding links and you can find out from the cool dudes that know what they are writing about.

Thoth of course has a special place in my heart because it is because of Thoth that I am able to transfer the Keys and Codes and bring through the language of Light.  Somewhere in a far distant past is where my connection comes from.

Ancient Hermopolis

For a long time I had a desire to visit all the sites that the Holy Family visited when they fled Jerusalem with the baby Jesus.  One of the places I had an inkling was outside el-Minya somewhere.  Sure enough the place was the Church of the Virgin Mary at el-Ashmuneim.  I was expecting a Church, but when we arrived it was just ruins.  I didn't know it then because all I saw was an old worn out sign that said Church of the Virgin Mary, but as luck would have it, I was once again in the energy of Thoth.

We wandered around and I was drawn to sit on a rock amongst the brambles to meditate.  Visions of Jesus passed by, but I was a little confused because he was not a baby but an adult, so I'm just guessing he re-visited this site at some point in his life.  Meanwhile the other vision that was flitting in and out was that of a blue rose.  Apparently the blue rose is associated sometimes with Mother Mary, which makes sense given this was the place of the Church of the Virgin Mary, but it is also associated with Mary Magdalene and according to some reading I did, there is an "Order of the Blue Rose" which is an Essene Sect. Still I didn't get it; I thought it was an odd looking church but the guard that wandered around kept pointing directly ahead and making a cross sign, signifying that once there was a church here.  The pillars were very large, more temple-like, but I was tired and didn't really care, I was here for the location and the ruins took second place especially when I was so tired.  However, the later big surprise was that this was an ancient temple site dedicated to Thoth that had been transformed into a Church in the 5th Century AD.  This trip was one mystery tour after another, it was just awesome.  Trust in the Process and things unfold in divine ways.

Full Circle

The funny thing is, while we have come full circle with the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre and Centre for Ascension, it appears I've come full circle with Egypt too.  It's now 11 years since I first entered Egypt in May of 2006.  In October of 2006 I came back and part of my mission was to visit tel el-Amarna.  I haven't returned to tel el-Amarna since and it came about this time because of my client Alessandra who has a deep connection to the Amarna story.  Alessandra asked if during the time she was doing her LUXOR Light Ascension program we could find time to also visit ancient Akhetaten, and so, with my two participants Alessandra and Karen, from the ascension program we made it back to tel el-Amarna to pick up the ascension codes left behind by those who held the Ascension Codes way back when.

We had some very powerful experiences on this trip and there were hot spots scattered around everywhere, which I pick up in an obvious way when my body goes into spontaneous fit-like activations as I re-activate the energies that are still there.  Were the 3 of us around back in the day?  Who knows, but there is always a reason we each tread certain paths and what we pick up we then share as we place our feet on other soils or our energy fields touch others.  I didn't feel particularly powerful energy in the Royal tombs or Tomb of Ay, but there were some hot spots in some of the tombs at Beni Hasan and also as we connected at the little shop at the ticket place.  

The next morning after breakfast we headed home to Luxor, but on the way we stopped at Temple of Hathor at Dendara.  This was a special request for Karen to connect, because Alessandra had been before and I have been on numerous occasions of course.  On the long drive toward Dendarah, our Sayed, my trust driver of 11 years told me of some more exciting visits to make and I'm looking forward to visiting the Home of Mother Tiye at a later date.  My first personal connection with Mother Tiye in this life was in 2009 at Malqata on the West Bank on Luxor where I birthed the alchemy waters that hold the essence of message.

Home again, home again ready to start Level Three of the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and follow on with the Healing Practitioner program at the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre.  Busy, busy, busy!

Hope you got something from the blog!  Come stay at our Retreat Centre and take part in our awesomeness programs!  But that is not all, why not book in now for our next Nile Retreat and Save!