Sunday, 21 April 2019

Resurrection into the Higher Self

Week 56 - Codes of Resurrection

Today we go live with Ametron Truth Sacred Sounds. Easter Sunday, the day of resurrection. Week 56 - 56 is the Sacred Numerology of Ametron Truth (and also of LUXOR Light - twin energies). The purpose, the mission, the destiny. This is a very high frequency that communicates through the higher mental faculties. Today's vision was of God-like beings in the Heavens, overseeing and yet beckoning us to merge. These beings are our Higher Selves trying to communicate not as separate entities but as One. You are asked to merge to coming into your Higher Self, to recognise separation so you can know Oneness. 

Following the visions of the god-like beings, was an eagle that morphed into the buzzard/vulture and he was carrying a beautiful ball of light.  
The Vulture asks us to honor the service, no matter how big or small, that you offer humanity. Every little bit counts to make up the whole. to honour this service you must be merged with your Higher Self, you must come as One and anchor that light into the world. 

The eagle asks you to stretch your limits, don't accept the status quo, but reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight. 

Resurrect into your Higher Self and bring the new light with you. The Master always Returns.
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Monday, 15 April 2019

Mastering your New Chapter

Week 55 Mastering your New Chapter

Things are really moving under the double 5's

Today the vision shown to me, was that of someone reading a book. This is a new chapter, your choice. Imagine you are reading a book where you choose your own adventure. I used to love reading those books with my kids. Well this is your chance to choose your own adventure. We can't read the next chapter if you choose to keep reading the last chapter. It's time to move forward and make changes. 5's are all about change, truth, peace, communication, expansion and freedom. Double 5's ask us to master that. Are you ready to be the master of the next phase, I know I Am  pardon the hidden pun. 

I feel excited about this chapter.

We have a new full moon on April 19. This moon will be in Libra and is the second Libra Full Moon this year. The first one was in March, and that opened a portal of possibilities toward change, now this full moon is closing that portal. So, we really are sitting in a powerful portal within each of our chapters. We needed to find our centre, our still point and were probably thrown around a bit in the process.

With the closing of the window of opportunity we need to look closely at our relationships and assess where we need to change. We needed to find balance, so to find balance we probably lost our balance... yes?? If you did, you were meant to so you could re-balance and re-align. The only way to realign is to look at ourselves and how we feel about ourselves and our worthiness... it's all about self-love and forgiveness and aligning with the highest for you.

We are looking at double 55's today, that is a big shift toward our Truth. It's a bottle neck to get from heart to brow and crown, to shift fully into the parts of us that "Know" and act accordingly. We are being pushed through that bottle neck now.

Relationships are due for upgrading but that can only happen with Self-Love first and foremost. Ask where you can love yourself more and when you implement that, you will notice that the relationships around you will also change and come into alignment with your higher path.

Relationship with Self, with others, with things, with experiences, jobs so on.... it's all about making realignments with your relationships in whatever form needs to be upgraded.

This chapter is about letting go of that which is no longer in alignment with you at your highest. Cords are being severed and the Activation Light Codes and Keys and whatever comes through today are here to help us get there.

Please connect with me if you would like to receive the recorded Keys and Codes to activate the New Energies and help you to move forward .....

Visiting Australia

It's that time of the year again and my yearly visit to Australia begins next week!  I will be available for healing sessions in Perth, and Dongara so far and will be running workshops in Dongara and Geraldton and possibly Perth and Bunbury.  If you are interested please get in touch soon because these opportunities are very rare.  I have not taught the Ascension Program in Australia since 2014 and opportunities other than online are very scarce.  

Please visit my website  and get in touch with me.  I hope to see you soon in Western Australia somewhere!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Light Body and Rainbow Body Activation

Week 54 - Scooting Ahead!

Today's vision was shown to me as someone in their Light Body getting onto a "light" scooter / moped.
Last week we entered through that Great Sun to make a move forward and this week we are taking the next phase and go a little faster. Scooters are easier to drive than motor bikes, they don't go as fast but they are safer and they make life easy to get around. I feel this symbolism is suggesting that we ought to make things move a little faster but there is no need to go too fast. The vision shows someone in their Light-body, this means you are ready to move forward spiritually, so the vision is more about the spiritual journey not your actual physical journey, although the two can of course be very interconnected.
Our Light body is also a vehicle. The Light body is the vehicle that helps us graduate from the human condition in readiness to return to source and merge with God. The activation of our light body is what gets us there. The Ancient Egyptian term for the Light Body is Merkaba. Mer means light, Ka means Soul and Ba means body. The saw it as the chariot of the Soul and it must be activated before you can achieve ascension. This is a fifth dimensional activation that propels us into the Rainbow Body which is a constant state of unconditional love. So any challenges that test us with how unconditional we can be is to do with the Rainbow body. You also hear now of the Rainbow children, these kids are born already with unconditional love already fully activated. It's not easy sometimes and you can be tested to the umpth degree depending on how far into mastery you have gone. Remembering that entering into mastery does not give you freedom from the tests, often what happens is the tests get harder. Rising above the mundane world and seeing things from a higher perspective is paramount. Getting caught up into blame scenarios is not unconditional love. We must rise above and see what is the Spirit Realm and our light bodies trying to show us. How far do they want us to rise and how well can we hold these great levels.
Once we have healed all the wounds and purified all the thoughts and released all the judgment we will then fully activate the rainbow body so we can achieve ascension at the 7th dimension. Jesus and Buddha both achieved this in this form and we are being asked to achieve this in this form, meaning with this body and become the God Self so we can shine the light for others to follow. Rise above the mundane and be in the pure light and pure love of the All That Is.
You will know when you are activating the Rainbow frequency because you will be in an ecstatic state. Of course sometimes we may rise and fall but as we are able to fully maintain this state all the time we dissolve back into Source and achieving immortality as spoken about by the ancients. The Rainbow body is the highest level of the light body but the Light Body must be activated to hold these higher frequencies to embody full ascension. As we rise and fall, we are constantly given new tests to rise above, rise above.
This activation today is to help you at any time you need to rise above and come back into the fully activated state of the Rainbow Body. As the vision shows the Light Body ready to get on the scooter, we shall be fully activating the Light Body which will in turn propel us into the Rainbow Body..... let's go
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Thursday, 4 April 2019

LUXOR Light Symbol

LUXOR Light History in the making...

on the 4th April 2004 (444) on a day that corresponds to my Soul Vibration, I was given a vision that would not leave my mind. The vision was what we now call the LUXOR Light symbol. I searched everywhere to find that symbol and where it had come from and what it meant. I had people who worked with symbolism search for it and they could not find it. I then realised that spirit was giving me something and so I sat in meditation to find answers. I was guided that with this symbol I was to develop a healing modality that would eventually become called LUXOR Light and that it had the potential to accelerate consciousness. I followed the guidance I was given and asked my then past and present students of colour therapy if they would like to be guinea pigs for a new meditation system. What followed was that I noticed people awakening their kundalini and awakening to certain energetics that were the same as I was carrying. Step by step and week by week over the course of 12 months the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and the LUXOR Light healing system was developed....

Happy Anniversary LUXOR Light Symbol

Happy anniversary to the LUXOR Light Symbol! Thank you to the Masters and Guides that assisted me bringing this system to the world. LUXOR Light is now 15 years old and it keeps evolving.... if you are still not reaping the full benefits of LUXOR Light, it is because it is a system of mastery and a system that awakens you to your highest potential. You need to be present and focused and do the work. Keep following along, join in where you can and watch as you open to some "way out there" abilities!

Spontaneous Awakening

My spontaneous awakening happened on 3.3.2004 and one month and one day later they gave me the symbol. The journey of awakening never stops. The challenges, the roller coaster, the highs and the lows are all here to bring us more fully into the highest we can possibly be. If you choose mastery, you must "master it".

Would you like to discuss how LUXOR Light can help you?  Please connect with ChristinA here

Image result for luxor light symbol

Monday, 1 April 2019

April the Month of the Heart

The Month of the Heart

April is the fourth month, the month of the heart.  The Heart is the half-way chakra, the bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  This month, the fourth month is very much all about Heart and whatever you are going through, it's time to heal it deep within the heart and build a bridge so you can "get over it".  

Join with me and received the Channelled sacred sound codes through from my Higher Self "Ametron".  Each Monday I channel the energies of the week and these sacred sounds, language of Light and Light Codes bring deep inner transformation awakening you to your Greater Self.

Let's do it

Today's vision was shown to me as a boy and a girl walking along a path. The image was on a card like Tarot but it is not a Tarot card. They were dressed in Bombay bloomer type pants from another time or another place. the path wasn't straight but softly curving toward the horizon. The grass is very green and there are rolling hills in the distance and a town in front. The sky is bright yellow suggesting joy and happiness and at the end of the path was a Great Sun. This sun was not your normal sun. It was the shape of a flower or like a windmill more or less. It was coloured in a deeper golden yellow but more like the colour of mustard actually. This colour energises and stimulates mind and body and triggers feelings of warmth and positivity. It encourages self-expression and allows you to stay true to your self especially if you have a reserved temperament.
The boy and the girl were sort of skipping and flailing their arms around like young boys and girls do. This boy and girl would be a young 16, but not like 16 years old's today, like I say, another time, another place. I t was like "let's do it!" as they skipped along and beside the pathway. I can only imagine that the closer you get to that windmill-flower-sun you would get engulfed into it as it seems to turn like a windmill. What lies beyond the Sun is what awaits you.
Last week we we dealing with regeneration and the need for the masculine side of ourselves to go within to seek answers. This feels more like the next step. Are you ready to take a leap of faith and step into the unknown new world of change?
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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Goodbye March

Last week we were closing March with the energies of Regeneration.  How well did you do last week?  I share with you, the message for the previous week, so you can see review before we enter April, our Fourth Month, the Month of the Heart.  We are set to receive some big codes for the energies of the Heart and how to focus those heart energies.

Each Monday we have a live session to receive the Sound Codes to activate the Codes appropriate for each week.  April holds the them of the Heart, so the 5 sessions that come through for April will be very Heart Opening.  If you would like to join us please connect with us  Here to Join  You will be invited to our Zoom video class and I hope to see you there soon!

We have 3 big Heart days for April on the 4th, the 13th and the 22nd!  I hope to bring you more as we go along...

Infinite Blessings to you as we enter the beautiful month of April

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Connecting you to the Sacred Sites of Egypt

Hathor Temple Dendarah  

Featuring Sacred Sites of Egypt
with ChristinA Ritchie of LUXOR Light Ascension

This is not just any healing, but activations of Higher Frequencies connected with the Divine Purpose of the Etheric Temple of Luxor and the Ascension Master Serapis who is known as “The Egyptian”.  Serapis had many embodiments in Egypt for many lifetimes and one of his incarnations was indeed as Amenhotep III who built Luxor Temple.

How can these activations help you?

The temples of Egypt carry codes embodied in their very walls.  Subtly you receive these codes as you pass through the temples.  Where the temples are still energetically active you can receive the energies as they merge with your energetic field.  The Hieroglyphs and reliefs are also speaking to you in a hidden language beyond what the eyes can see and read and beyond what guides can tell you. 

ChristinA is a clear channel for her Higher Self, Ametron, and she carries forth the gift of the Ancient Language of Light that was used in Ancient Egypt and beyond.  She also carries the language of the Star System Sirius and the combination of Sacred Languages of Light awaken sleeping gifts within us.  Many of us are code carriers, but these codes lay dormant until activated.  The codes need to be sound activated and this is the gift that ChristinA carries.  When receiving healing or sitting in meditation with ChristinA, sound codes come forth to awaken that which is ready to be awakened in you, so you can embody more of your true purpose.   
If you cannot come to Egypt to have an in-person session with ChristinA you can still receive the codes through a personal Sacred Site Remote healing.  If you have been drawn to Egypt, you can safely say, you have been here before, lifetimes ago.  Maybe many lifetimes were spent in Egypt.  If you are drawn to connect with Egypt, you are drawn to reclaim lost pieces of your soul that you are ready for now to fulfil your purpose this lifetime.  But, not everyone can manage a trip to Egypt, so through ChristinA’s unique gifts you are still able to receive the energies, and codes that are relevant to you.
Person meditating in temple 
ChristinA works closely with the Ascended Master Serapis, overseer and Master of the “Etheric” Luxor Temple, the temple of Ascension.  She is at home at the foot of Thoth Hill, in New Qurna, West Bank, Luxor.
ChristinA carries the Codes of Thoth, the Sound Keys of Enoch, the Language of Hibiru, which was the first language to come to Earth and is sometimes called the language of the Angels.  This language was spoken by the Masters and in times such as Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  She also speaks in the clicking language of the Star System Sirius which is very significantly connected with Egypt and the ancients.  She speaks the Sirian Masters strange dolphin language and the frequencies that come through ChristinA carry forth the energies of Isis, carrying the wisdom of the Divine Feminine now awakening in all of us today. 

But that is not all, ChristinA also channels the 3 Sacred Sounds of God that were also ushered in during ancient Egyptian times by the Creator Gods, specifically the God Hu.  These 3 sacred sounds call forth the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the third flame sound that unites them as creation itself. Each sound comes with a unique purpose for each individual and when all three come together united as One sound, magic really does happen… Creation is formed within you and the Creator aspect of yourself is activated.

So, why should you choose to experience a Visionary Distant Sacred Site Healing and Activation Session with ChristinA? 
Because you cannot get it anywhere else!  And, because these sessions can awaken you to greater aspects of Self!

Each site has a different fee depending on how far ChristinA has to travel to the site, price of entrance tickets and tips to the Temple Guards.

Sacred Site Options

Temple of Temple of Hathor at Dendarah
Hathor was known as the sky goddess who nourishes us spiritually with the celestial energies of divine love and ecstasy. Her earthly energies then anchor as the Goddess of divine ecstasy of fertility, sexuality, and love.  Hathor is the embodiment of feminine possibilities and strongly awakens the power of the divine feminine.  True wisdom is awakened when we awaken and activate the feminine within.  She was known as ‘Lady of the Stars’ or ‘Sovereign of Stars’ and she is linked strongly with Sirius along with Isis and Soptdet.   As ‘the Mistress of Heaven’ Hathor was connected with Nut, Mut and the Queen. And as ‘the Celestial Nurse’ She nursed the Pharaoh in the guise of a cow or as a sycamore fig (because it exudes a white milky substance). As ‘the Mother of Mothers’ She was the Goddess of women, fertility, children and childbirth and held power over anything having to do with women from conception or childbirth, to health and beauty and matters of the heart. Holding the balance of both masculine and feminine energies, she was worshipped by men and women and unlike the other gods and Goddesses she had both male and female priests in her temple.  This brings with it the purpose of balancing the divine masculine and feminine in their purity of purpose.

No photo description available.
A healing and activation from Temple Hathor will help with balancing and aligning both masculine and feminine energies and connecting your more deeply with the divine feminine and the goddess that you are incarnate on Earth.  This will also enable you to heal the issues of the feminine that create a rift between twin flames.  As above so below.

A Remote healing and activation at Temple of Hathor will include
·       Full written report of the alignment your chakras and energy field in relation to the balanced masculine and feminine.
·       Visions and messages that come through for you
·       Recorded personal encoding to awaken and align you with the Temple of Hathor. 
·       Unlock blockages to the balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine
·       Activate any latent codes of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. 
·       Photos of any specific Temple Wall Reliefs that reveal appropriate to your healing, so you can use them for your own subsequent personal meditation.
·       Instruction on how to unlock the energies of the photo.

Awakening Activation at Temple of Hathor 

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Divine Healing Sounds and Codes Weekly

11.11 Nile Cruise Meditation Retreat, Egypt

ChristinA inside cave at geb el silsila
11.11 Nile Meditation Retreat with ChristinA Ritchie

7 Days 6 Nights on the Nile!

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Would you like to feel the Divine energy of a powerful awakening frequency flowing through you?

We share so much and it's on the Nile!

Come and experience the flow of the Divine

8 Nov - 14, 2019


Imagine whiling the day away on the Nile... yes the Nile, there is only one Nile and you can be just like the Ancients and visiting the sacred temples and other power sites along the way. 

If you ever wanted to give yourself something really super special, something magical, something that you will never forget, this has to be just what you are looking for.

Egypt is a magic place and it enables us to tap into that magic within ourselves. We remember the magic within, we feel the magic within and in some strange way, after we have been on one of these programs so many people continue to carry that magic within always and utilising it to create more magic in their lives.

Would you like to experience finding the magic within yourself?

On this program, we work the magic! Seriously! You will go deep into you tapping into that magic through meditation, healing and sacred sound... not too much, not too little, just enough to add some extra magic!

I carry the Sound Keys of Enoch, the Codes of Thoth and the Sacred Sounds of the Ancients pass through me and awaken you!  This program is unique and cannot be copied due to the gifts my I Am shares with you...  In Egypt it is even more powerful, come......

This particular trip has been running since 2008 but since 2016 it has taken the energies of the Twin Flame and Divine Counterpart purpose.  You do not have to have a Twin Flame incarnate because LUXOR Light aligns and awakens the Twin Soul at the 10th dimension and beyond and missions are awakened....

Connect with me and let's do it...

My travel site is...
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LUXOR Light Activation Tour on the Nile 2019

ChristinA lives in Luxor right at the foot of Thoth Hill in her Home she calls Templedom, with Sheshat the Temple cat and has been taking groups on these Nile programs every year since 2008.  

Monday, 28 January 2019

Touching Grace in Torino

Image may contain: Abbey of Saint Michael
Sacra San Michele

May the Grace be with You

Being Spontaneous is not something new to me as those who follow my work know.  So, 2 weeks ago, I made a decision to fly to Italy.  While my logical reason was because I needed to renew my visa for Egypt sometime soon, I did have choices.  India was my first preference.  I could visit my daughter and touch in with the bliss energies of Arunachala.  That was an expensive option at this time of the year and wasn't going to run smoothly.  Next option was Turkey.  Turkey was the cheapest option all round and the shortest destiny to get me there and back in short time.  Then another option arose.  All these options took about half an hour or so to pop up.  So, option number 3 was Italy.  I could stay with a friend and student of LUXOR Light, she could have some catch up question time and I could get my quick trip for my visa.  The plan was to just have one week and head home again.  So, from the moment I decided, to the moment I booked my ticket was just a few days.  I booked one way just in case.  One week was not enough, so two weeks became the decision and I've now returned to Egypt..... this location was the only one that "felt" right.  It was the only one that spoke of a "Truth" within me... it would take almost the whole two weeks before I would find out why and then coming home to really begin to digest within me....

The first week, I really felt there wasn't any reason for me being in Torino, Italy other than my visa run and visiting Silvia, but I was soon to found out that indeed Spirit had sent me on a mission to recharge my batteries and give me some mystical surprises!

I hope as you read my blog and as I share a little of my two weeks in Turin (Torino), you too will receive the blessings of Grace upon you!.....

Sacra of San Michele

The first place I was "touched" by the Grace of God, was in the ancient Abbey on top of Mount Pirchiriano, 40 kms from Turin (Torino).  The views were incredible, I was just in awe!  Being such a spontaneous trip I hadn't even considered what I might do or see there.  My first surprise was the Alps!  Here at the Abbey it was just awe inspiring!  But that was only the beginning.  The building itself was also very mystical as you can see from the photo above.

The Abbey was built between 983 and 987, and is dedicated to Archangel Michael. The most incredible thing is that it is part of a 7 part pilgrimage route for the cult of the Archangel Michael, that is over 2000 km long ley line which runs from Saint-Michele in France to Monte Sant'Angelo in Puglia. 

Sword of Saint Michael ley line

Monasteries, Abbeys and Churches

I love visiting Monasteries/Abbeys and Ancient Churches.  I think I must have had some recent past lives in them, because this life I did not grow up with religion at all, so it is not something I am familiar with from this lifetime.  I also have no issues with religion or its purpose.  I believe religion may be fading out, but it still has it's place for those who are following it now.  We are not the ones to judge that because that would mean we have not healed whatever caused the judgment in the first place.

Here's my theory... well, it's not really mine, but it's my take on my understanding of how it works.

Many Paths, Many Masters

There are many paths that lead to the "One God".  Many "Ray Paths" and within those Ray Paths are certain teachers and teachings.  Those who were born on the 6th Ray Path were likely to follow a religion or be a religious leader or follow some cause.  Every Ray has a lifespan of around 2000 years or so and the 6th Ray's life span is around 2500 years.  However, the 6th Ray is on it's way out.  It's not wrong, by the way, to all ye who damn it.  It's just finishing up it's purpose.  There may have been those who got it wrong, but we get most things wrong and the aim is to keep trying.  While it speaks to you, it's the right way, when it stops speaking to you, you find another way, that doesn't mean it's wrong, it means you learned all you could learn and something had to make you change direction!

If you were born on the 6th Ray Path, then you are one of those who chose to come and walk the final walk of the 6th Ray, to help lead into the new era.  Jesus lead us along the 6th Ray, but over the last 500 years we have been slowly moving into the Age of Aquarius and the Seventh Ray path.  All paths interlace by the way, and we must master all 7 Rays along our journey.  Not all in this lifetime though!  But we do work with them all if we are consciously on a spiritually evolving pathway.  So, people are moving away from religion but that is because they have finished their walk, not everyone has finished their walk on that path yet!  It's coming though and so, if we push people before they finished what they came to do, we are doing a great disservice to our own souls!

So, anyway, I love them.  I feel at home in them, therefore I feel it must have been recent lifetimes that I evolved through religion in Monasteries and such.  So, it's a coming home to me.  I sat in meditation and my heart burst open and the tears rolled... touched by the unconditional love of the Grace of God.  Wow!  I did not want to leave.  I was Home.

The Sword of Archangel Michael

Abbey of Saint Michael
Sacra San Michele

The three most important Saint Michael monasteries on the straight line, known as a Ley Line, that start in Ireland known as Skellig Michael and in Cornwall, England over Saint Michaels' Mount and then to Symi Island in Greece to the Monastery of Saint Michael and then finishishing up at Mount Carmel.  You can see all seven sacred sanctuaries on the map above.

One legend has it, that this straight line is the sword of Michael that sent the devil to hell.  But as a path of the Sacred it is used as a pilgrimage for Christians who are seeking the resurrected Christ.  So, for me personally I felt it was so apt.  I was tired, exhausted in fact, it was a hard year or a hard number of years.  I felt that the Blessing was indeed helping me to resurrect my Christed Self back into full swing, but if I thought this was a good as it would get, I was going to find out it was not.  Torino now holds a place in my heart forever, with it's magic and mystique!

Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth began working within me.  I was seeking some answers in my personal life and my dreams became very vivid....... all I have to do is figure out what they mean!  Aha!  Seeking the Truth is not always an easy path!

Follow along with my posts because I'm going to bring you more of what I found in Turin!  It was a mysterious mission of Truth, so as you view the pics and read my posts, just allow yourself to be open to seeking your own answers, I hope my intentions and the Saints and Masters that are behind these sacred sites will assist us all to find your answers.... it's not in the words... it's in the energy!

LUXOR Light in Italy

My trip was interspersed with Energy Healing work that I do wherever I am and also with giving space to my host and beautiful friend Silvia.  Silvia got to complete her LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner Course  that she began online some weeks previous and to have her practical assessment while I was there.  What does that mean?  That means I got to have a healing to see if Silvia had what it takes!  Wow, Wow and Wow again... the Scientist turns Spiritual and she is a dynamo!  I can't wait to be able to share Silvia's contacts when she finishes her case studies!  Incredible visions, messages and an absolutely beautiful and powerful LUXOR Light Healing Channel.

If you would like to view my photos, please click here to go straight to them. But don't forget to look at the video first!

Soul Coach ChristinA

Would you like to heal your life, clear blocks on your path, open to your higher self and awaken to the healer in you?  
Book a Visionary Healing Session with me and start your journey now....

Saturday, 4 August 2018

8.8 Lion's Gate Meditation Live

Join me Live on Wednesday 8 August for the 

As we align with the Greater Central Sun and the Sirian Lion's Gateway

Receive the Activation Sound Keys and Codes to awaken and activate the New Light Codes being sent to us from the Spiritual Sun .

The Planetary New Year begins when the Sun passes through the Leo constellation during a connection between the star Sirius, the Great Central Sun, Earth’s sun, Earth’s grid point, Orien’s Belt, and the the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Are you ready for the New Light Codes bringing new levels of consciousness and Higher Awakening?

Align with the Creation of Manifestation, As above So Below, The Portal of Unconditional Love and Abundance. 

8.8 Lion's Gateway powered by an 11 year

A Most Auspicious Gateway of Cosmic Proportions

New Light Codes anchoring more of our Heavenly Selves.

I look forward to seeing you in the Live Video, but don't worry if you can't make it at 7pm Perth, Western Australian time, the meditation will be recorded and sent to you.

Your Registration will be complete when Payment is Received  $17AUD  

8:8 I send you Infinite Blessings and See you on the other Side! 8:8