Monday, 17 June 2019

Energies for June 17 - 23

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Winding Down on Gemini Energies June 17 - 23

Every Monday, I am given a vision for the energies of the week ahead and then later in the day/evening we have a Light Codes Session to bring through the energies and activate that within our energy field to help embody the energies and awaken us to the next phase on our Soul's Path. We are already up to Week 64 and it's has been an awesome journey!
64 suggests new beginnings around heart-centred relationships! It's a Wedding Vibration - the marriage of opposites.

Arising into a Golden Era

Today's vision was of a set of Golden Bed sheets hanging on the line and blowing in the breeze.
When we hang our washing on the line, it means we are happy with others seeing the intimate part of our lives, it's clean and there is nothing to hide. It can suggest we are entering a new clean energy phase or that there is someone coming into your life that will change your life forever. But these sheets were shimmering gold. Gold is connected with our life purpose/mission, it is a very high vibration and suggests wisdom and having let go of the past. They were blowing in the breeze. To me this suggests a fresh start and a willingness to be accept the winds of change.
Gold is masculine in energy, holding the power of the Sun and suggests having a deep understanding of the Self and your Soul. Because these were bed sheets this suggests the depth of intimacy you have achieved on a spiritual level and so is symbolising great spiritual growth that is visible to all. Gold is also a transitional frequency and therefore suggests we have attained a greater degree of flexibility on our spiritual path because it represents perfection on all levels. We are ready to move forward because Gold symbolises enlightenment and achieving eternal life.

Full Moon Illuminating Twin Flames

It's full moon tonight, so we also have the beauty of the full moon energies in Sagittarius. Full moons are always a time of completion and harvest. Today's full moon is helping us find balance between our inner and outer worlds and who we aspire to be.
This is our last vibration under the influence of Gemini and the twins, so I feel this weeks symbolism is suggesting we have achieved a great deal in relation to our relationships and the "coming together" of twin flames and soul mates that was seen in the previous session.
The vibration of Gold is the vibration of the Alpha Chakra/Soul Chakra that rests just above our head. This is in direct relation to our soul's direction and our mission. We are ready to be seen for what it is that we are here to do, are you ready or are you still "blowing in the breeze"? It's time to make a choice and come into a more intimate place with your relationship with your purpose. That purpose might simply be to "just be", but whatever it is, it is time to own it and let it be seen.
In relation to twin flames/souls/relationships, have you cleared and aired your grievances ready to move into the new phase? Are you happy with the environment you have created in readiness for your mission/purpose to move into it's next phase? Let Go and Let Gold take care of it all!
Want to join tonight or receive the recording after the evening of Keys and Codes that activate the energies?

Friday, 14 June 2019

Intuitive Tarot for the Weekend June 14-16

Intuitive Reading for June 14-16

We are headed for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday 17th.  Let's see what the Tarot says to us to help us find our way through these powerful energies.  

Mantas of Light

I've been hearing that some people are finding the energies too intense right now, so I am gifting you with a Light Language Mantra to help you stay in alignment with your Higher Self and stay out of the Ego!

Balance is the Key

Staying balanced is always the Key and Understanding too!  That's why I've given you the Mantra to help you stay balanced but if you would like to have greater understanding on the energetic level to see what is going on in your energy field and receive an alignment to help with that, then connect with me here and I'm sure you will be feeling so much better once you are aligned and have learned what is going on and how to work with that.

Have and Awesome Weekend

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Weekly Energy Update June 10th - 16th

The Ascension

I was crying as I received the very powerful message for this week.
I went into meditation and asked for this weeks energies to be revealed to me. I saw someone on a healing table and on the left side the divine masculine filled with light and the divine feminine seeming more earthly, both holding the hand of the person on the table as if to say "it's ok, everything is ok".  I couldn't stop crying.
Then the divine masculine energy walks around the head of the person on the table and to the right side (masculine side) he holds the right hand and the divine feminine energy holds the right hand of the person on the table. I still couldn't stop crying as I typed the message.
All of a sudden the body on the table lifts up and begins to ascend and ascend and I touch God and the tears flow and this is so beautiful.
Some really powerful energies have anchored since the New Moon and this seems to be part of it. It is a powerful time for Twin Souls (divine masculine and divine feminine) to come together and their purpose is to enable us the one on the table, the person to ascend back to the heavens, to higher consciousness as one fully integrated soul of balanced energies.  It's another wave of Awakening!
June and the month of Gemini, you really are beautiful!
Until next week, if you would like to connect for a session with me please check this out here

Friday, 7 June 2019

Intuitive Tarot Reading for the Weekend

Friday Reading

It's Friday and I thought I would stop by and try to lift your spirits a bit just in case you feeling crappy! 

Lucky for us, it was a good reading!  Things look to be on the up and up after the New Moon energies, but first there is a dying off to the old that needs to take place.  Let go and let God, step up and off and throw all caution to the wind, it will lift your spirits.  There's nothing to worry about really because change is always just around the corner and if you let go of your worries, then you step into the higher vibrations that attract the abundance and great opportunities to you. 

The twin flame energies are still around too, they seem to be wanting to let us know that souls really are wanting to reconnect, so go into meditation on that and just ask to connect with your Twin Flame, don't give them a name, let go and let God with that too, but if you need any help and a bit of Soul coaching to help you through the tough times with them, connect with me and I'll help you understand the journey. 

Now, back to the reading,

We are being offered some new beginnings and beautiful new fresh energy in our relationships, so it really is a must to throw the old out.  Hey I'm not saying throw away your current relationship, just throw out what doesn't work, you're done with it, it's time to start a fresh with a new cycle and do things in a more positive and higher vibe way.  Calm down that temperament and get a hold on that side of things, it really is the key to a happy and harmonious relationship!

Hope you have an awesome weekend! 

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Love and Blessings

The Pendulum

Powered by the Awakening Soul

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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Twin Flames Light Codes of Coming Together

There is a coming together for Twin Flames

After some very powerful dream messages I felt drawn to bring a message to you.  Be sure to watch all the way to the end to receive the powerful healing light codes message of love to all souls.

Gemini, the month for Twin Flames

June the month of the cosmic twins, now is a very powerful time for healing and coming together of twin souls.  As above so Below, if you are in harmony now should be a most potent time.  If you are in conflict or separation, make the most of this dynamic time for greater inner healing of self.

If you would like to work with me please connect today

Infinite Blessings to you

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Awakening to the Language of Light

Live Stream Sharing the Light Codes

Today, I chose to start new series of Live Stream videos on Youtube.  My first video mentions how I awakened to Light Language.  On this series I will talk about my work and in each video I will share energies, frequencies, light language and codes and intuitive messages.  I intend to share more on my Egyptian connections and the energies of the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess, and Codes of the Temples of Egypt, pyramids and so forth.  

I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and watch my videos because I really do want to share a lot.  Please also share with your friends and if I can help you don't hesitate to contact me either by email at or on my Facebook Page.  

If you would like a personal Language of Light Session, you can receive for you specific healing of remembrance.  

Live Video Light Language Video Session  $110 AUD (recorded for you)

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I really hope I can share more with you this way.  

Friday, 31 May 2019

ChristinA Ritchie Live Stream

New Moon in Gemini and manifesting Energy Shifts

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New Moon in Gemini

We have the new moon in Gemini coming up on Monday 3 June. New moons are always the time to set our intentions for what we desire to come forth. I'm utilising this time to start a new series of videos on me Youtube channel, so I'm inviting you to come along and subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can receive notification when something new comes in and when I do live streams.

Gemini - the Twins

What?  The Twins, did I hear the twins!  Well, as most of you know, I live the experience of the Twin Flame and the challenges that come with that.  So, if we are in the cycle of Gemini and you add the sixth month which equals love, then, naturally, this month is going to be setting some new energies of for Twin Flames.  Now, I did not say it would be easy, please hear that, but is it's going to be powerful in moving things forward for Twin Fames and for everyone that is interested in Love, unconditional love, divine love, cosmic love and in general, all things to do with love!  I'm not an astrologer by the way, I read intuitively and I also read numbers, so New Moon will be on a very luminous day... I'll tell you more on Sunday!

My Channel

My I Am Channel.  I channel Languages of Light, I channel Sacred Sound, I channel powerful and transformational healing energies, I channel messages from my Higher Self, so, I'm going to focus and sharing my Channel!  

I've had a Youtube channel for a long time but I've not really known how to make it work, so I've just decided to put energy into it and hope for the best! But what I want you to know is that I intend to give, give, give, on Youtube, so if you want to know about the energies in the way I receive them, or to receive some healing through sacred sound or just through energy transmissions, or even through light language, meditation and to more, please come and subscribe to my YouTube channel
My first live stream will be this Sunday 2nd of June in readiness for the New Moon in June energies on Monday. In fact we will already be in the window, so it's going to be awesomeness!

Remember, June is a month of Love, relationships, family, vision and insights, so come on in to my Youtube Channel and receive a month of Love energies to help you to open to receive!

I hope to see you on my Live Stream soon!

Goodbye May!

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It's Goodbye May! 

Wow, did you find inner peace? Did you embrace your Truth? Did you expand in someway out there into the great expansive universal skies and collect something that sent you in a new direction, did you embrace the changes?

Today says TRUST in the changes, trust and have faith because even if only a little bit, you have gained more confidence, you have faced a fear or two and you are brighter because of it. You are more "en-lightened" because of it. You are carrying more of your brilliance, can you feel it?

You can read more about today's energy on my colour a day site here, but before you do that, close your eyes for a moment and take 3 deep breaths and just let go, let go...... when you open your eyes, affirm to yourself

"I express my truth through my inner knowing and I shine that inner light wherever I go"...

and repeat this with a smile on your face and one hand held on your solar plexus.  Say it with meaning and say it as often as feels good to you


Today is the last day of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the last day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.... together we balance each other

Finding Inner Peace

I'd love to help you find inner peace, please connect with me today  Tick Special Offer and you receive your first session for $122 Australian. 

Sunday, 19 May 2019

The Full Moon Blessing

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The Full Moon Blessing

Today I decided to make a special offer as a blessing during this time of the WESAK moon and the beautiful light that is being bestowed upon us.  For the first time ever, I am offering the LUXOR Light Ascension meditations as stand alone meditations.  You can purchase one at a time, because I know not everyone can afford to buy the whole package.  I am also making a special offer on the whole package.

I hope to reach more people this way and I hope that the amazing “right” power of LUXORLight can assist more of you, that more of you can learn to understand these energies and their purpose at these times. 

 Learn more about LUXOR Light and the healing and activation meditations.  I will explain along the way how these meditations can work for you and how if you choose to, how you can become a carrier of these same frequencies.  I will guide you every step of the way in a new way. 

There will be 2 options
Stand-alone pre-recorded LUXOR Light Ascension voice meditations and teaching $49AUD
Stand-alone pre-video LUXOR Light Ascension Level One video meditations and teaching $55AUD
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And for WESAK as a special blessing to you

I offer the full pre-recorded voice program with FREE entrance into my website and FREE private lifetime membership mentoring group for just $188 per level this week only.   

Normally $333 per level, that’s a great saving especially if you take all three levels.

Register now and chat with me to see what suits you best.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

FREE Meditation Celebrating Buddha's Enlightenment

Who is Buddha?

About 2600 years ago, Siddhartha Gautama was born in a place called Lumbini, near the border of India and Nepal.  He was born a prince but through his journey he realised that the experiences from his life of conditioning could not bring him lasting happiness or protect him from a life of suffering.

At this time, India was very spiritually open and the people practiced their spirituality on a daily basis, but Siddhartha was born into a Royal Family and they wanted him to have all the pleasures of life.  He was already a very intelligent and compassionate person and belonging to the Warrior Caste it was predicted he would become either a great king or a great spiritual leader, but his family wanted him to be a powerful ruler and so he had all the earthly riches and pleasures bestowed upon him.  Apparently he was given 500 beautiful ladies, he was into sports and all things exciting.  He mastered combat training and won his wife through an archery contest.

When he was 29, out wandering, his awareness was drawn to someone seriously sick, then a decrepit old man and a dead person.  The realisation that old age, sickness and death was what was in store for everyone he loved and he could do nothing about it, he became very upset.  The next day while he was out walking he walked past someone who was deeply in meditation.  When their eyes met and their minds connected, Siddhartha realised that what he was seeking outside of himself was a place and within the mind, a place of peace and stillness.  This changed his life and he left the palace and his royal duties and wandered off into the forest so he could realise full enlightenment.  For six years he learned through many masters.  He realised their techniques showed him the minds potential, but not pure mind.  

Eventually at a place called Bodhgaya, he went deep into meditation for for six days and nights seeking his true nature and it was here that he reached enlightenment on the full moon of May.  At the moment of full realisation he reached the point where past, present, future, near and far all melted into the NOW moment and into the state of bliss.  He became timeless, and total awareness itself.  Every cell of his body knew the All and he became the Buddha, the Awakened One.   After his awakening, he traveled on into the North of India teaching for 45 years.

The Buddha encouraged his students to question his teachings and find out through experience itself.

What is WESAK?

The full moon in May, now, this Moon is the Full Moon that marks the celebration of Buddha's enlightenment.

May the Light and the Blessings of the Buddha be bestowed upon you under this full moon...

Please enjoy the FREE Meditation Video

Happy WESAK!  

May you find Bliss, may your find your True Nature!

Off the Planet Experience


Off the Planet Experience

How on earth do you explain something to someone that has never experienced it before?  Imagine you just happened to visit Mars, because, you know we all get to do that, then you come home and everyone wants to know what it's like, but you just can't seem to find the words because there is nothing like that here on Earth.  I'm sure you have all had supernatural experiences that, you just can't explain and everyone just thinks you are nuts or away with the fairies!  LUXOR Light Ascension is a bit like that most of the time.  The experience is often so out there, it's difficult to explain.  This is the case with giving, experiencing and receiving it.  Most of the participants of LUXOR Light have often asked "what on earth do you tell people when they ask "what is LUXOR Light?"... hmm, it is so vast there really is not an easy or simple way to explain it.  You can't over do it but you can certainly under do it.  My awakening journey began so vast, I simply could not even begin to learn about the experiences I was having by reading up on them or I would have spent my entire life reading and learning from others experiences, so I decided not to.  I decided to learn through experience and what was to be "my experience".

Capturing the Moment

Recently I returned to Australia to capture a brief moment in time when all my kids would be in the same city at the same time.  My daughter is usually somewhere else in the world and I am usually in Egypt and my boys are usually in Perth, but for 2 weeks in a suspended moment in time they would all be in Perth!  So, I jumped on a plane and flew back to Australia. I took my daughter north to see her father and it just so happened that at the same time there would be a Psychic Expo on in the town I was born in, so I took the opportunity to share LUXOR Light Ascension healing in my town of birth.

Was it understood?  Probably not and that is because it is such a vast experience that a day or two simply cannot do it justice.  LUXOR Light is different for everyone, it is about awakening and each and everyone of us awakens in different ways with different experiences.  No two experiences are the same.  However, the frequencies that pass through with LUXOR Light mean there is often a similar experience with some people, depending on their particular purpose and connection to these energies.

Sometimes people are "shocked, scared, in disbelief, or totally blown away" by the energies of LUXOR Light Ascension.  Way back in 2004 when it first came through, the energy was a bit different to today.  The reason is because consciousness always grows and expands and LUXOR Light Ascension is about evolving consciousness.  So, that's what it does, it evolves in consciousness as we are ready and I continue to bring through more layers of the flames of consciousness as my own spiritual evolution grows or as humanity requires.

Experiencing the Kundalini Healing

Every experience on the healing table is different for everyone, depending on what is required and depending on what level you are ready for.  The video above is an advanced student and facilitator of LUXOR Light Ascension on the healing table.  Her energetic experience while is quite the signature of LUXOR Light, is not what every person experiences.  You have to be at an elevated level of consciousness for this to take place.  This is a full kundalini experience.  LUXOR Light activates the rising Kundalini and everyone is at a different level and you only receive what you are ready for.

LUXOR Light awakens, so whatever level you are at, it will awaken you to the next level, from beginner to advanced initiate and it continues to evolve.  Those who choose to undertake the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and then the LUXOR Light Ascension Healing Practitioner course are supported on the journey every step of the way.  Mastering these particular energies once experienced is a journey that is continually inspiring, uplifting and ever transformational.

Leanne is on the table in the above video and I want to thank her for her wonderful account of her experience.  I hope Leanne's sharing helps you in some way to decide if LUXOR Light is for you.  Ascension is not overnight, it's a journey, a conscious journey and a journey of dedication to Self.  We were lucky enough to be given a system that supports that journey and I thank to all those who have chosen to walk this path and experience this system of elevated consciousness.   Please read Leanne's experience below...

The LUXOR Light Experience

Leanne Burong says.. "I’d like to share my experience of a LUXOR Light healing with ChristinA and explain my understanding of the activations I have. I totally surrender and trust (at least to the stage I am at now) . I feel this is key. Resistance will only create blocks to the flow of energy. All of our LL group who are dedicated to our meditation practices as taught by ChristinA will be aware of how these allow us to release and become more and more open to receive. It is an eternal and endless spiral of flow.

The only way I can put into words what I experience, is to liken it to the cycle of life….the experience of being born, of giving birth and of dying. I see all of these as the same. Each one is about surrendering to change and evolution.

I realise that in the video, it may look intense and I am sure people will have different experiences to me. I do not experience any physical pain and the breathing you see is what naturally occurs and allows for the activations to assists with the flow and integration of the light energy. Your consciousness is lifted to be one with the divine source energy. Words cannot fully express this connection you feel. Every essence is filled with love but a greater love….a completeness…meaning and purpose…so expansive yet so simple. There is a remembrance that this is where we have all come from….who we all are….there is no division or separation…higher or lower…better than, less than. There is purity in the simplicity that we are all one.

As I come out of a healing, I have tears….the experience of touching and connecting with God/Source….a remembrance of this love that is us all. I am in bliss. The world is brighter. Everything changes. The trees are greener, the air I breathe is pure, my senses are heightened, I am at peace, calm and flowing with love. My heart is so expanded…I love everyone. Everything is so simple. Love truly is all there is.

For those of you who have given birth, you will understand. The birthing process is hard work. When you get out of the mind and allow the natural direction of your body to guide you with breathing, pushing, contracting…there is light at the end. Remember that first look into your baby’s eyes….that heart felt connection, your baby suckling on your breast…..I remember feeling a love like no other. I felt an overwhelming sense of complete unconditional love and purpose for being. My perspective changed as I would look at other women and saw how amazing they are. This bond and shared secret of our inner strength, power and love. I rang my Mum and asked if this love that I was feeling was the same she felt for me when I was born…yes! Our children when first born are pure divine source energy. I am not a man but I imagine that men are touched with this also as they are part of the birthing. They see the magic of creation; feel their connection to this beautiful child and the strength of women. I remember my brothers walking around in love bubbles after witnessing the birth of their children.

Then the work begins….like when we birth a baby, this is our new energy/foundation/reality. Baby’s cry, they may not sleep so you don’t sleep….things change; your world begins to shift and evolve. The pregnancy hormones are your gifts that seem to give you super human strength to still love and care for your baby with little sleep. Sometimes you forget that love you felt but with guidance and support you learn new skills and tools. You become of selfless service to your bundle of divine light. The teachings through these new experiences enable you to grow and expand your awareness.
ChristinA and this LUXOR Light group are our support. The meditations, self-healing practises, dedication and discipline are our tools.

There are many of us who have been honoured to assist others in their experiences of birthing and dying. You will understand how these activations allow the body to surrender…..sometimes releasing and accepting the light at the same time…..or like with death, opening, releasing from physical form and stepping forward completely into the light. This is so natural. The flow never ends. As souls we have done this many times.

ChristinA I thank you with all my heart for opening me to this journey and the path I walk with you.
I love you and send blessings to all.
Lea xxx"

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